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Linaro announcements at YVR18

Linaro Connect YVR18 has finally arrived!

The week-long event came off to a great start on Monday with Linaro CEO George Grey’s keynote in which he took the opportunity to make some announcements and show some demos. If you missed the livestream, you can view the recording here.

Linaro CEO George Grey presenting

In George’s keynote he talked about the importance of open source in today’s context where markets are global, visible to all and no country or corporation has full ownership. Arm and Linaro are key global partners for anyone who wants to build their own IT ecosystem around computing and collaborative development. Everyone can contribute to, and improve, open source - commercial IP can be delivered on top of Open Source Platforms.

Here are some of the highlights from his keynote.

Linaro delivers a cloud that is fully-interoperable on Arm64 hardware

The Linaro Developer Cloud’s mission is to provide developers with access to Arm-based servers. There are three data centres, one in the UK, one in the US and one in China. The hardware is member supplied with the latest Linaro software.

Linaro recently passed the OpenStack Interoperability test-suite with 100% pass rate. This is a big achievement - Linaro is now able to offer a cloud that is, from a user perspective, fully interoperable while running on Arm64 hardware. You can read all about the work that enabled the team get to this point in this recently published article on OpenStack Superuser.

In George’s keynote, The Developer Cloud team provided a demo on how developers will be able to sign up to the Developer Cloud to receive their instance on member provided Arm hardware. To find out more about the Linaro Developer Cloud, click here.

The Linaro Developer Cloud Demo

Linaro launches the Machine Intelligence Initiative

The big announcement at Linaro Connect Vancouver 2018 was the official launch of the Machine Intelligence Initiative. The aim of the initiative is to optimize AI and Machine learning performance and to create modular integration of open source or proprietary vendor-specific runtimes for vendor-specific hardware. This will require a collaborative definition of a common framework with inference APIs, targeted at both Cortex-A and Cortex-M. To read the complete press release which includes quotes from Arm and Google, click here.

Following on from the theme Machine Intelligence, Linaro hosted on the Wednesday an AI and Neural Networks on Arm Summit. Chris Benson, and Jem Davies from Arm, started the day with keynotes on AI and Machine Learning. This was then followed by sessions from a wide range of companies, including AWS, Arm, Google, Gumstix, NXP, Qualcomm, Skymizer, Thundersoft and Xilinx. All sessions and videos will be uploaded to the resources page.

Chris Benson presenting at the AI and Neural Networks on Arm Summit demos their continously-updated microplatforms

Alan Bennett was the Technical Leader and Director of, a company that was founded a year ago by a small group of engineers previously from Linaro. A month ago, Alan passed away unexpectedly. George Grey therefore felt it was important to highlight the work Alan and his team have been doing this past year in delivers microplatforms for IoT and Edge connected devices. The software platforms are continuously-updated and use the technologies trustedfirmware, zephyr, openembedded, yocto and docker. In George Grey’s keynote, CTO Tyler Baker demonstrated the microplatform’s ability to update to the latest software on a Rasberry Pi and Nuc. You can watch the demo here at 01.00.00. To find out more about, you can read the complete press release about the microplatforms launch here.

The resources page will be updated continually with slides and sessions for those who were unable to attend Linaro Connect.Session videos and keynotes can also be accessed on the youtube channel.

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