Linaro and Arm sponsoring the upcoming UEFI Plugfest! background image

Linaro and Arm sponsoring the upcoming UEFI Plugfest!


On the firmware side, testing device interoperability with Arm servers is critical to developing the Arm infrastructure ecosystem. That is why Linaro and Arm have decided to sponsor the upcoming UEFI Plugfest and encourage Arm partners to participate.

The UEFI Plugfest 2018 in Taipei will present a wide range of Arm 64-bit architecture servers that few have seen and less have experienced. After years of hard work in the Arm ecosystem, with Linaro and its members taking leading roles, Arm Servers have now become compelling prod]ucts for the data center market.

During UEFI Plugfest 2018, various types of Arm 64bit servers will be provided by ODM, OEM and SoC vendors in the Arm/Linaro test suite, available for all participants to test their drivers on Arm 64bit environment.

Gigabyte R181-T90 1U 10-bay Arm server system Developer Box - Arm based 96Boards

Running since 2007, the UEFI plugfests have focused primarily on UEFI drivers, OS level device drivers and OSes. The upcoming Plugfest will take place next week at the Capital Hotel Dahzi in Taipei on Oct 15, 2018 to Oct 19, 2018 hosted by American Megatrends, Inc.

If you haven’t already registered and would like to have the opportunity to test your platforms and devices while learning about the latest UEFI specification enhancements, see below details to sign up!

Workshop: Are you Arm ServerReady?

At the Plugfest there will also be a Linaro-Arm workshop on Wednesday 17 October (9.30-11.30am, Ballroom) where attendees will learn about the Arm ServerReady Program.


Date: Oct 15-19th, 2018

Place: Capital Hotel Dahzi,Taipei

Registration: UEFI Forum members can register here

View the logistics packet here

Plugfest attendees must sign the disclosure agreement and photo and video waiver. Attendees can either sign and bring a printed copy to the event or sign a version on site. Print the disclosure agreement here

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