Now that the 11.05 release is out, and after the Linaro Developer Summit in Budapest, Linaro would like to invite the Arm Linux community to join reviews of its plans for the upcoming engineering cycle.

The reviews are available through conference calls that everyone can join, and dial-in numbers are given for a big list of countries. Presentation slides will be given ahead of time. People will be able to ask questions through an IRC channel.

In case you can’t dial in, audio streams and IRC logs will be available after each call. We also explored the possibility of streaming the audio on the Internet, but unfortunately, the conference call provider that we use at the moment doesn’t give us such a possibility.

The calls will happen daily at 15:00 UTC, starting on Tuesday, May 31:

  • Tuesday, May 31: Power Management Working Group (Amit Kucheria)

  • Wednesday, June 1: Toolchain Working Group (Michael Hope)

  • Thursday, June 2: Graphics Working Group (Jesse Barker)

  • Friday, June 3: Infrastructure and Validation (James Westby and Paul Larson)

  • Monday, June 6: Android and Developer Platform (Zach Pfeffer and Ricardo Salveti)

  • Tuesday, June 7: Kernel Working Group (Deepak Saxena)

  • Wednesday, June 8: Office of the CTO (David Rusling)

All the details and dial-in numbers can be found on Linaro’s developer wiki:

This is a great chance to learn about what Linaro engineers will implement in the next six months, to ask all your questions and to get involved in the projects that you are interested in.

You can subscribe to the Twitter LinaroTech channel to receive daily reminders for each call.