Starting next Monday, Linaro tech leads will be running a set of public phone calls to announce the official plans for each of our engineering units. Calls are daily at 15:00 UTC, and there are local and free dial-in numbers for most countries around the world.  The schedule and details are listed here:

  • Monday, Nov. 15th, Infrastructure Team
  • Tuesday, Nov. 16th, Foundations, Development Platform Technical Topic
  • Wednesday, Nov. 17th, Toolchain working group
  • Thursday, Nov. 18th, Kernel working group
  • Friday, Nov. 19th, Graphics working group
  • Monday, Nov. 22nd, Power Management working group
  • Tuesday, Nov. 23rd, Multimedia working group

The objective of these calls is to communicate and clarify the plan for each of our engineering units. Each unit will provide a set of slides discussing features planned and the blueprints that specify and track them. Anyone in the wider Arm or embedded Linux community is invited to come and you’re welcome to extend this offer to your contacts.

These calls are open to the general public; anybody is welcome to dial in and listen. Questions can be asked via IRC using #linaro-meeting on Freenode; details on how to access IRC itself are also linked to from that page.

Calls will also be recorded and available for later perusal. I’ll send out a daily reminder of the calls so you won’t miss them if you keep an eye out for the messages.

Thanks and see you there!