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LEG Engineers Discuss UEFI: Updates, Goals and Getting Involved


A UEFI Mini-Sprint was held at the Linaro offices in Cambridge UK on 11-13 December.

Rony Nandy, Enterprise Server Engineer for the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) summed up the Sprint in a blog post this week. Nandy writes in his post that during the this mini-sprint problems such as a location for all the board support for edk2(UEFI) on Arm were fixed.  The maintainer-ship structure for UEFI on Arm was also discussed and goals for UEFI on Arm in 2013 were put in motion.

LEG Engineers held a public Hangout on Air where they discussed UEFI updates, future goals and how to get involved.

Participants for this hangout included Andrea Gallo, Director of LEG who opened the Hangout and facilitated the discussion. David Rusling, Linaro, CTO gave feedback and Grant Likely, Technical Architect discussed the various goals that were achieved at the mini-sprint.

Engineers from and Arm and Linaro had the opportunity to add their thoughts and insights to the discussion. From Arm were Leif Lindholm  and Olivier Martin with Ryan Harkin, Tech Lead for the Arm Landing Team and  Anmar Oueja, Technical Program Manager from Linaro rounding out the Hangout.

The formation of LEG was announced in early November.  As part of the announcement initial work and goals were outlined.  ”Linaro expects initial software delivery before the end of 2012 with ongoing releases thereafter,” and yesterday LEG announced it meet that goal and released its Engineering Preview.

UEFI is only one part of the roadmap that LEG will be working on in 2013.

Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) Roadmap


More information about LEG and its goals and release schedule can be found on the Linaro Website and Wiki pages.

To get involved with LEG and help plan the future of Linux on Arm in 2013 consider joining us at our next Linaro Connect event LCA13 which will be held on 4-8 March at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong. Registration for this event is now open.


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