If you are going to the Linaro Developer Summit or to the Ubuntu Developer Summithttp://uds.ubuntu.com/ in Budapest this year, you may be interested in the technical showcase that we organize on Tuesday evening.

Seeing is believing. If you are a member of the Linaro user and developer community, or are curious about Linaro, this will be a unique opportunity:

  • To see the newest Cortex A8 and Cortex A9 boards in action, and in real life.
  • To learn about technical resources that have been or are being developed by Linaro engineers. Even if you are a Linaro engineer, we are sure that you will learn new things there.
  • To meet the guys implementing the features you are interested in, or who will implement these features after you convince them.
  • To have passionate discussions in a friendly atmosphere, sharing snacks and drinks and hopefully giving birth to exciting ideas and projects.

We are still looking for proposals, such as:

  • Demos of products based on Linaro contributions (kernel, toolchains, graphics…)
  • Development and debugging tools - Quick tutorials
  • Performance benchmarks (a poster could be sufficient)
  • Demos of Linaro release images
  • Linaro project posters, advertising achievements and future plans. Adverts for your own Blueprints for the next development cycle.

Full HD capable LCD screens with will be provided to people making demonstrations, so that they won’t have to carry them by themselves. Linaro will also take care of printing posters provided by demonstrators. Everyone is invited to send proposals, whether you are a developer or a user, and everyone present at UDS and LDS will be welcome.

See our Wiki for all practical and proposal submission details.