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LCE12 - Copenhagen: Android Mini-Summit Schedule Now Available


As plans for LCE12 - Copenhagen are finalized we are pleased to announce schedules for the various mini-summits which are being held in conjunction with this Linaro Connect event.

Below is a look at the Android Mini-Summit which is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 during LCE12 at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What is a Mini-Summit?

A Mini-Summit are tracks which focus on a single strategic topic and take place on a single day. In this case the Linaro Mini-Summits will take place on Tuesday with Armv8 (64-bit), Wednesday with Android, and Thursday with big.LITTLE.

What is the Linaro Android Mini Summit?

The Linaro Android Mini-Summit will have two themes, optimization and unification. The optimization theme will lead off with a benchmarking discussion and critique. The existing benchmark results and the methodology used to produce those results will be presented and examined. Having established a benchmarking foundation we will discuss Dalvik and V8 optimization. The first theme will complete with a discussion about possible power optimizations. The second part of the summit will discuss unification. We will discuss unification from two sides. The first side will look at what is currently being unified and what may need to be unified in the core Linux kernel and power and graphics subsystems. The second side will look at unification from a product perspective. The discussions and input from the mini-summit will feed into 4 sessions on Optimization, Core Kernel and Power, Graphics and Embedded Android.

Will there be plenary sessions for this event?

Yes, as part of the opening for the day and everyone attending LCE12 can and are encouraged to attend. The plenaries for the Android Mini-Summit include:

What are the sessions being offered at the Linaro Android Mini-Summit?

Optimization: Android Benchmarking and Optimization Opportunities - Vishal Bhoj

  • Talk about what was planned in Hong Kong and give a summary

  • Present current benchmark methodology and hotspot benchmark results

  • Discuss methodology

  • Suggest specific optimization opportunities and additional measurements and benchmarks

  • Explore additional benchmarks

Optimization: Android Dalvik and V8 JIT Improvements - Michael Hope

  • Discuss Dalvik’s VM and JIT architecture

  • Present OpenJDK vs Dalvik benchmark results running

  • Discuss opportunities to optimize Dalivk and V8 JITsDiscuss additional tools to find optimizations

  • Plan next steps

Optimization: Android Power Improvements - Amit Kucheria

  • Power optimizations for mobile use cases

Unification: Android Kernel Upstreaming: Graphics - Jesse Barker

  • Quick ION overview

  • Member platform support for ION/dmabuf

  • Re-propose: Replace carveout heaps with CMA heap

  • fbdev to DRM/KMS (Laurent Pinchart and Rob Clark)

  • Discuss piglet for Android

Unification: Android Kernel Upstreaming - Deepak Saxena

  • Status of the Android patchset in the upstream

  • Plan for the future

Unification: Embedded Android - Karim Yaghmour (Remote)

  • Why are new products using Android as a base?

  • Discuss lowering barriers to development

  • Discuss Android as an X app

  • Discuss headless Android

  • Create project list

The Last Mile: Android Productization Challenges at ST-Ericsson - ST-Ericsson Android Engineers

  • Discuss past issues in creating Android products

  • Discuss new issues and get feedback

The Last Mile: Upstream to productization, productization to upstream - Zach Pfeffer

  • Discuss how to streamline upstreaming and productization synchronization

Questions and Action Item Review - Zach Pfeffer

  • Answer questions
  • Make sure Actions are recorded

Will there be other Android sessions being held at LCE12 or will the mini-summit be the only time to participate in the various Linaro Android Sessions?

Yes, there will be a standard Linaro Android track which will take place throughout the week.  As the schedule is finalized, you can see more about the other scheduled track sessions here (be sure to click on the days of the week to see the schedule by day).

The following are some of the additional Android sessions that will be held in addition to the mini-summit.

  • Android Dalvik, V8 and Bionic Optimization Discussion - Michael Hope and Vishal Bhoj

  • Android Graphics - Jesse Barker

  • Android Kernel and Power Feature Discussion - Deepak Saxena and Amit Kucheria

  • Embedded Android - Karim Yaghmour (Remote)

Will the Linaro Android Team present any demos during the LCE12-Copenhagen Demo Friday Event?

Yes, and those demos will include (but may not be limited too):

  • Galaxy Nexus with Linaro Improvements Programming Station

  • NI Power Measurement of Android

  • Benchmark and Hotspot Automation

  • Android/Standard Linux on Galaxy Nexus

Demo Friday event; what is this and how can myself or my organization participate?

Demo Friday is the opportunity for you to highlight the work you and or your organization have done using Arm boards and Linaro builds.  More information on Demo Friday can be found here.

Is there still time to register for LCE12-Copenhagen?

Yes!  If you haven’t registered yet you can do so by clicking here.

This event looks awesome; however, I can’t make it, will these sessions be recorded?

Yes, the sessions will be recorded and live streamed via Google + Hangouts on Air via the Linaro on Air youtube channel.  Please add Linaro OnAir to your Google+ Circles and or subscribe to the Linaro OnAir Youtube Channel.

More information about LCE12 - Copenhagen can be found on the Linaro Connect Website.

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