LAVA Workshop at Linaro Connect Asia 2013 in Hong Kong

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Linaro is pleased to announce that it will be offering a LAVA workshop as part of its Linaro Connect Asia 2013 (LCA-13)  event. LCA-13 is packed with thought provoking discussion and planning sessions which help design and build the future of Linux on Arm; additionally, there will be afternoon hacking sessions and morning keynotes by leading industry players. LCA-13 will take place at the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong on 4 - 8 March 2013 and the full schedule is now available.

What is LAVA?

The Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) is an open source test and validation platform available for individuals and companies who wish to establish a test infrastructure for any flavor of Linux running on Arm chips.

What Will this Workshop Include?

LAVA Workshop Flyer

Members of the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture (LAVA) team will be hosting a workshop that will include 4 hours of training.  This training will include an introduction, a hands on hacking session and a Q&A discussion session.

The introduction sessions begin with  Dave Pigott, LAVA Lab Lead giving  a high level introduction about LAVA, including a historical overview as well as insight into the current state of development and plans. Followed by Tyler Baker, Linaro Technical Architect-Automation and CI engineer, who will give a 15 minute success story about an Android OEM that chose LAVA as a central piece of their sophisticated CI and validation solution.

The 2 hour Hands-on LAVA session is the core piece of the LAVA workshop. During the first hour of this session, LAVA software engineers, Antonio Terceiro and Senthil Kumaran will guide participants through the installation process of a complete LAVA system on their laptop. Antonio and Senthil will use the second hour of this session focused on teaching participants how to use lava-tes.

The Q&A Wrap up session will be a full hour dedicated to open discussion and Q&A. Kate Stewart, Director of Product Management and Alexander Sack, Director of Platform will act as moderators to our LAVA experts and participants during this session of the workshop.  To make this session as productive as possible, we plan to collect questions before and during the workshop, in addition to answering those raised during this wrap up session. In case you can’t attend this session, rest assured that we will write a FAQ capturing the questions and answers discussed and make it available after LCA-13. (A pdf version of the Workshop flyer is available. To download click here.)

Schedule (All times are listed in HKT)

How to participate


  1. Register for LCA13:

  2. Register for the “Hands-On LAVA” Session (Wed 4pm)

  • max. 20 participants - first come, first served.

  • e-mail with Subject: “LAVA Workshop” (allow 3 days for a response)

  • we will send detailed hardware/software requirements to you 1 week before the event

  1. Show up for the “Introduction” Session (Tue 11am)
  • constrained by room size -> show up early to get a comfortable seat!
  1. Send in your questions for the “Q&A + Wrap-Up” Session (Tue 11am)

Remote Participation

Many of our sessions are being offered via Google+ Hangouts on Air.  To find out more about remote participation go to:

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The goal of the LAVA team is to maintain and develop automated testing tools to be used to test Linaro Platform work. We work with several teams in Linaro to help enable them perform continuos integration testing.

  • Meeting: Weekly on a rotating schedule #linaro-meeting on*

  • Mailing List: (subscribe)

  • IRC Channel: #linaro-lava on or

  • Team Members

More information about the LAVA Team can be found at:

About Linaro Connect

Over 300 participants, ranging from kernel hackers to integration engineers to Arm SoC industry executives gather during this week long to present, discuss and develop features,  infrastructure and optimizations for the Linux kernel, Android, Ubuntu and beyond.

To find out more, please visit: Connect

About Linaro

Linaro is the place where engineers from the world’s leading technology companies define the future of Linux on Arm. The company is a not-for-profit engineering organization with over 120 engineers working on consolidating and optimizing open source software for the Arm architecture, including developer tools, the Linux kernel, Arm power management, and other software infrastructure.

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