KVM on Arm, big.LITTLE, Maddog, LAVA and More from Linaro Connect Europe 2013 background image

KVM on Arm, big.LITTLE, Maddog, LAVA and More from Linaro Connect Europe 2013


KVM on Arm, big.LITTLE, Maddog, LAVA and More from Linaro Connect Europe 2013 Image


Linaro Connect Europe 2013 (LCE13) which took place on 8 - 12 July at the DoubleTree Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.  It was an amazing week with 338 people registered with 312 actual attendees. Below is a summary LCE13.


There were 5 plenaries with 8 keynotes that included:

64-bit Porting Project with Jon Maddog Hall

Highlights from this week included Jon maddog Hall and his work on the 64bit porting project that Steve McIntyre of Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) outlined on his blog post Scanning for assembly code in Free Software packageshttp://blog.einval.com/.  The full report which maddog will be working from to build community around the code that would need to be ported to work well on 64-bit Arm architecture. Leading up to LCE13 maddog explained in a company wide Google+ Hangout on Air the work he would be doing.  During LCE13 David Rusling took a moment to interview maddog about that project and later in the week maddog presented the project to all those who were interested.


LAVA continues to be a hot topic (yes, pun intended) and LCE13 showcased why. There were 10 LAVA team hosted sessions which included a Testing and Validation mini-summit, a LAVA-LMP demonstration and more.  Cole Crawford of the Open Compute Project (OCP) and keynote speaker at LCE13  even talked about the importance of LAVA-LMP the OCP community in his interview.  LAVA and LAVA-LMP is one of those game changers on the Arm hardware testing front.  In his LCE13 interview, Tyler Baker of the LAVA team discusses how LAVA is improving the lives of Linux kernel developers in the Arm space, as well as how LAVA is improving the workflow for developers and how LAVA is evolving. Alan Bennett, Tech Lead for the LAVA team also took a moment to tell people about LAVA, LMPs, test and validation and more in his interview.

big.LITTLE Software Update

During LCE13 George Grey, Linaro CEO took a moment to blog about software updates on the big.LITTLE front.  In this post Grey writes, “With much going on in the big.LITTLE world, this is a progress report on Linaro’s activities and plans for support of Arm’s big.LITTLE SoCs with Linux and Android software. With recent industry announcements, we are expecting many big.LITTLE SoCs to appear from Arm licensees over the coming quarters.”  His report includes:

  • Current Status as at end of H1 2013

  • IKS – In Kernel Switcher (also known as CPU Migration)

  • Global Task Scheduling (also known as big.LITTLE MP)

  • Availability

  • Upstreaming

  • Comparison Between IKS and GTS

  • Future Work

  • Real Life Results

If you need more information on big.LITTLE Arm has published further information on configurations and performance in a blog entry here.

LCE13 Demo Friday Event

The Demo Friday at LCE13 which took place on 12 July 2013 played host to the world’s first demonstration of KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) running on an Armv8 64-­bit silicon platform from Applied Micro Circuits Corporation. The demonstration showed KVM Armv8 64-­bit based virtualization on the AppliedMicro X-­C1 hardware platform featuring the company’s X-Gene Server on a ChipTM silicon solution. This solution consists of eight Armv8 64-­bit processors running four SMP Linux guest VMs (two Armv7 32­-bit and two Armv8 64-­bit guests) with web servers running concurrently on each VM using VirtIO-based network virtualization. The web servers delivered HTML web pages with varying graphical content.

Arm handled porting KVM for this demonstration from 32-­bit to 64­-bit, while AppliedMicro engineers brought the KVM up on the hardware and Linaro ensured a robust solution. You can read the full press release here.

In addition to the KVM on Arm demo there were more than 15 other demos. LEG, LAVA, Android, XEN, Sysops and more opted to showcase their work.

Video for the demos can be found on the LinaroOrg YouTube channel. (More videos will be added to this channel next week)

LCE 13 Interviews

Interviews from LCE13 include:

Panel Discusion and Wrap Up

David Rusling and guests take questions from the audience about anything Arm, Linaro, and Linaro Connect related.  This panel discussion was followed by Joe Bates, Linaro VP of Member Services who delivered a humorous yet insightful wrap-up of all the week’s success.

Linaro Connect US 2013 - Santa Clara, CA

We have good news for those who are already looking forward to Linaro Connect US 2013 (LCE13) which will be co-located with Arm’s TechCon13 in Santa Clara, CA. Registration for LCU13 is now open.  Please visit the Connect site for more information on how you can be part of the future of Linux on Arm.

LCE13 Daily Schedule

If you’re looking for a particular session or maybe you missed the live stream below is a list of the session by day.  Each session has a link to the schedule site, the Google+ Events page (if the session was recorded), the link to the YouTube Video as well as the link the .mp4 that can be downloaded from the Linaro server for those who can’t access YouTube. Where possible session slides are also available. Please note if the presentation link is there but not “clickable” then we are working on getting it added next week.  The presentation will be added to the Linaro Connect Resources page.

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