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Highlights of Day Four at HKG18


Highlights of the fourth day at Linaro Connect HKG18

We started the fourth day of Linaro Connect with two keynotes from HiSilicon and the OpenChain Project, Linux Foundation.

Kenneth Lee gave a keynote on the importance of Open Source and why companies should adopt the opensource approach. In particular he focused on the benefits of working upstream from the perspective of software architecture and commercial competitiveness. To view the recording of this keynote, click here.

Following Kenneth’s keynote was Shane Coughlan from OpenChain, a Linux Foundation project which aims to answer the question “How do I trust my opensource supply chain?”. Shane discussed the challenges of copyright trolling and how the solutions need to be about agreeing shared norms and making a pledge to uphold them. Shane then presented Guest Speaker Lucien Cheng-hsia Lin on to the stage to talk about the state of open governance in Asia.

Lastly, we were treated to a surprise update from Daniel Thompson at Linaro on the 96Boards Developer Box (SynQuacer). To watch the recording of this keynote, click here.

After the keynotes we had a wide range of sessions, including BOFs on AI and Machine Learning and Lava on your desk, and presentations on Hypervisors and IoT, Android/AOSP Workflow, Upstreaming SVE in QEMU and LKFT Experiences and Plans. Videos and slides will be uploaded on the Resources page shortly. At the end of the day, we hosted the Linaro Gala as we always do on the Thursday where attendees were treated to great food and entertainment at the Regal Hotel. This year’s theme was team coordination and we certainly had some creative costumes! Check out Linaro’s flickr page to see all the pictures from the Linaro Gala and the rest of the week.

Tomorrow is the last day of Linaro Connect HKG18! We will start the day with two keynotes - Dileep Bhandarkar from Qualcomm who will talk about emerging computing trends in the data centre and Dr Laura Dekker who will talk about advanced computation, open source systems and art. All keynotes are livestreamed on Linaro’s youtube channel here. The keynotes will be followed by various session topics, including HPC Compiler Quality, Fedora Atomic, QEMU in UEFI and the new Linaro Enterprise Lab. All session recordings and slides will be made available on the Linaro Connect resources page shortly.

Lastly, we will see lots of demos of the latest Arm technology at Demo Friday where Charbax will be on hand to film as many demos as possbile!

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