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Highlights of Day One at HKG18

Highlights of the first day at Linaro Connect HKG18

Linaro Connect HKG18 has begun!

The week-long event kicked off yesterday in Hong Kong with Linaro CEO George Grey’s keynote where he made some big announcements which you can read about further down in this blogpost. For those who missed the livestream, you can view the recording here. We will be posting highlights throughout the week on this blog and will also upload all sessions and slides on our Resources page . Tomorrow we will hear Mark Hambleton from Arm talk about the Fog and Mingfei Huang from Open AI Lab discuss how we accelerate AI from Cloud to Edge - both keynotes will also be livestreamed here.

Linaro Connect is a week-long conference where leading Arm hardware and software experts come together to discuss and work on Open Source projects in the Arm ecosystem which benefit all. Each day starts with keynotes from industry experts, followed by sessions presented by some of the very best Arm engineers in the world. Particularly hot topics at this Linaro Connect are AI, Automotive, Machine learning and Cloud.

So what did Linaro CEO George Grey have to say?

As always, George took the opportunity to make some key announcements.

The launch of 96Boards.ai platform - 96Boards.ai is a program whereby developers working on AI hardware and software solutions will have access to a range of compatible member 96Boards platforms. Linaro members HiSilicon, Socionext, and Xilinx, and new 96Boards steering committee member Rockchip have all released 96Boards development products with AI hardware capabilities. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., plans to join 96Boards.ai with the DragonBoard’ 820c development board, featuring the Qualcomm’ Snapdragon’ 820E embedded platform. Two demos were shown in the keynote which highlighted how far developers will be able to go with readily availably 96Boards ai development platforms. One demo used the Xilinx Ultra96 board and the other used the Huawei Kirin 970 Chip. You can watch the demos in George’s keynote here, starting at 55:34 mins. For more information on either of these boards, go to www.96Boards.ai - the Ultra96 is available for pre-order.

Release of OpenDataPlane Tiger Moth LTS Software - The OpenDataPlane project is an open-source, cross-platform set of application programming interfaces (APIs) for the networking Software Defined Data Plane. In George’s keynote, he announced the availability of the second Long Term Support (LTS) release of OpenDataPlane ‘ , code named ‘Tiger Moth’. For more information click on the link above to read the complete press release.

Other announcements included China Electronics Cooperation joining as a Core Member. CEC is a major Chinese Global IT Supplier consisting of 100 companies out of which 14 are listed. Cypress is joining Linaro as a LITE Member with a particular focus on Zephyr, Runtime IO is joining LITE as a Group Associate and last but not least, Rockchip is joining the 96Boards Steering Committee.

George also highlighted some of Linaro’s engineering achievements in the past six months.

  1. OP-TEE/Security - The drivers are now in the upstream kernel. OP-TEE is also getting new secure trusted applications for secure data path. To find out more, check out this Linaro webinar TEE Linux kernel support and open source security.
  2. IOTL/TinyLinux - Working upstream to ensure you can build from upstream Linux a small implementation suitable for an embedded device.
  3. OpenDataPlane - Tigermoth has been released, the second LTS release for ODP. Work is also happening on DPDK in order to get the ODP APIs available in DPDK. For more information, click here to read the complete press release.
  4. Linaro Developer Cloud - Allows developers to access Arm servers and purchase instances. To register for an instance, here.

As well as making these key announcements and looking back at some of Linaro’s engineering highlights, George announced two new projects at Linaro - the Machine Intelligence Project and the Autonomous Vehicle Project. The goal for the Machine Intelligence Project is to provide best in class deep learning performance by leveraging neural network acceleration in IP and SoCs from the Arm Ecosystem by collaborating on the most widely available AI/ML Software frameworks and libraries. The goal for the Autonomous Vehicle Project is to accelerate the Arm ecosystem in autonomous vehicle control by defining, adopting, improving and promoting open software platforms and scalable software achitecture suitable for cars, other vehicles, robotics and drones. To find out more about the projects and how to contribute, email contactus@linaro.org.

George also talked about Zephyr - an open governance RTOS - and how we are seeing products in the mainstream now running off it, including the rigado gateway, intelligent gloves, shoes and toothbrushes. All these products use the Zephyr Bluetooth® wireless technology stack which is completely open, enabling full visibility and ability to fix bugs quicker. Linaro member Sanechips (subsidiary of ZTE) has recently launched Rosefinch 7100 NB-IoT board which uses Zephyr.

Finally, George’s keynote emphasized the importance of working upstream. The world is changing whereby we are dealing with unprecedented connectivity, highly complex products and data everywhere. It is therefore more important than ever to work upstream and develop products using the very latest software. With companies having product launches and deadlines to work towards this can be a challenge to achieve which is why we all, Linaro included, need to do more to facilitate the use of the latest software. That is how we ensure products are equipped with the latest security features, get security patches quickly and support most hardware.

As always, the group photo was taken after George’s keynote, with the the rest of the day dedicated to sessions and hacking. To view which sessions took place on Monday 19 March, click here to see the complete schedule. Do also make sure to check out the Resources page later in the week to view slides and recordings from these sessions.

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