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Highlights of Day Two at HKG18


Highlights of the second day at Linaro Connect HKG18

We started the second day of Linaro Connect with two keynotes which both looked at Edge Computing and the challenges faced in this emerging trend.

Mark Hambleton from Arm presented the first keynote The Fog in which he discussed how the move to fog is about latency, security, privacy and autonomy when things go down. With the number of connected devices increasing, data output increasing and latencies being critical to a lot of what we do, we have to ensure there is back up and less reliance on cloud. This is where the fog comes in - clusters of devices in between the cloud and the local network which enable local processing and decisions for latency sensitive services when that cloud connection is not always available. If you missed the livestream, you can view the recording here

Our second keynote speaker was Mingfei Huang from Open AI Lab, who continued to discuss the topic Edge Computing and AI, looking specifically at how we should support diverse AI algorithms running across different embedded computing hardware. He also talked about the necessity for more instinctive intelligence in perception, cognition and decision making to be embedded into machines. To watch the recording of his keynote, click here. OPEN AI LAB was founded by Arm China, Allwinner and Horizon and is currently collaborating with 96Boards so that algorithm and application developers have the best support with optimised AI libraries for different hardware.

After the keynotes, the afternoon was spent hacking and attending technical sessions. The sessions covered a wide range of topics from Linaro DRM to Trusted Firmware and LAVA. We also had several training sessions on Open Source, Upstreamining and how to use Clang Developer tools. Videos and slides will be uploaded on the Resources page shortly. Another highlight from Tuesday was the giveaway t-shirt our attendees were treated to from one of our sponsors Fujitsu. A big thank you to Fujitsu for sponsoring Linaro Connect HKG18!

Tomorrow is Ecosystem Day where the leading Arm vendors, end users and the open source development community will come together in Hong Kong to discuss the latest products, developments and open source software support. Make sure to watch the keynotes from Microsoft and Xilinx livestreamed here and check out the schedule here to see what Ecosystem has in store.

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