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Five years of Linaro Connect


Five years ago Linaro was announced to the world with the goal of enhancing open source innovation for the next wave of always-connected, always-on computing. Linaro’s work was to be focused on developers and manufacturers to help them provide consumers with more choice, more responsive devices and more diverse applications on Linux-based systems.  Shortly after the announcement of the founding of Linaro, the first Linaro Connect, co-located with the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS),  took place where Linux engineers could come together to discuss and resolve Arm Linux issues.  Some of the topics that were addressed in the first several Linaro Connect events included implementing Device Tree, a mechanism for describing hardware configuration for the Linux kernel as well as  simplifying porting of the Linux kernel to the different platforms developed by Arm silicon vendors and ODMs (“defragmentation”). By the end of each of the week long events, much progress was made from development of kernel patches to submit upstream, building consensus on solving technical problems and identifying areas of improvement.

Linaro Connect has evolved to become the premiere event for those interested in or working with Linux on Arm.  From that first bootstrap event in 2010 with 30 attendees,  Linaro Connect has grown quickly. Recent conferences have drawn 400-500 attendees for keynotes by industry leaders each day, large global teams working together each afternoon in various hacking sessions, many different tracks and topics for attendees to go to each day and multiple demonstrations of work that Linaro has done since the last Linaro Connect include previews of the latest hardware designs..  The February 2015 Linaro Connect sold out two weeks before the event began.

As part of the five year anniversary of Linaro Connect, the Connect website has recently been updated to streamline attendees’ ability to get information quickly and to sign-up for the event easily.  The website also features all the content from our most recent Linaro Connects. If you missed an event or would like to review the information presented, it is very easy to find any presentations and videos of those sessions on the new site under the section - Other Connects.   Check out the new site at:

The next Linaro Connect will be held September 21 – 25, 2015 in Burlingame, CA at the Hyatt Hotel.  Register to attend now to reserve your spot!

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