First day of Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 kicks off with many announcements

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If you missed the first day of Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 (HKG15) you missed a lot.

The show kicked off Monday February 9th in Hong Kong to many announces by Linaro. George Grey, Linaro’s CEO, gave the opening keynote and welcomed attendees to the event. He then announced the 96Boards initiative to accelerate Arm software development. 96Boards is an open hardware specification for Arm 32-bit and 64-bit developer boards, and a Community Program for software delivery to developers, makers and OEMs. Linaro also announced on Monday two founding members of the newly formed Linaro Community Boards Group (LCG), which are Actions Technology and Marvell.

George, then went on to give an overview of that status of Linaro and it’s many projects, including a quick hands on demo with a Project Ara phone. Check out the keynote video on the left to see all the news and demos. To download the keynote slides click here.

After the opening keynote the attendees gathered for the traditional Linaro Connect group photo. This year’s Linaro Connect Hong Kong was sold out a week prior to the event. The last Linaro Connect, which was held in Burlingame, California continued the trend of breaking records at each event with a total of well over 500 registrations. Each event has approximately equal attendance from the Americas, Asia and Europe with attendees from Linaro’s member companies plus more than 50 other companies from the ecosystem.

In the afternoons the sessions kicked off with many different tracks for attendees to choose from. You can view the full schedule planned for the week here: There was also plenty of time for attendees to socialize and network, to see images of some of the activities check out the Linaro Flickr page. You can also download any available presentations from Linaro Connect here.

With 4 days left to go and many keynotes, demos, sessions and socials planned keep checking back for more updates and news to come.

Hong Kong 2015 Group Photo

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