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What To Expect At Linaro Connect USA 2014

Steve Taylor



The next Linaro Connect USA 2014 (LCU14) is planned on 15th-19th September in   the Bay area, just over a week away. Close to four hundred people participated in the last Linaro Connect in Macau and registration for this next one is already exceeding this. There are several exciting activities that will be taking place at LCU14:

Monday 15th September has a mobile theme, beginning with a look at Linaro’s past, present and future by CEO George Grey and then a keynote entitled “What if hardware was more like software? Google’s Project Ara and the democratization of the hardware ecosystem” given by Google Project Ara Director Paul Eremenko. Following the keynotes there will be sessions that talk about ART, Android on Armv8-A SoCs, a panel discussion on a more open AOSP, power management, Coresight, QEMU and security. The latter of these topics includes a couple of sessions on the open source trusted execution environment (TEE) that ST has released with Linaro’s assistance. The afternoon includes some introductory sessions on a variety of topics including ODP, upstreaming, Xen and ACPI, and embedded systems.\

Tuesday 16th September highlights the digital home and leads off with a keynote address entitled “Enabling Internet Speed for Service Providers” from Cisco’s CTO Connected Devices and SP Video Infrastructure, Ken Morse. His address will focus on the changes to the architecture of video delivery and the role of the set-top in the digital connected home. Following the keynote, is a presentation from a DLNA ambassador on secure delivery of Pay TV content throughout the connected home. This is followed by an overview of Android TV and features related to the upcoming Android L release, and wraps up with an in-depth presentation on a Chromium/Bink implementation for RDK taking advantage to the Chromium Embedded Framework.

On Wednesday 17th, the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) is organizing a dedicated Arm Server Ecosystem Day to introduce maintainers and leaders of key open source projects to Linux on Armv8 servers. The day kicks off with keynotes from HP’s Linda Knippers and Canonical’s Kiko Reiss, entitled “Fueling HP Moonshot” and “Mythology and Potential of the Arm Server” respectively. While some are already aware of LEG work because they’ve been seeing patches, we’re starting to broaden our scope and would like more projects to be aware of and hopefully involved in supporting Armv8 servers. The goal is to connect Linux/Linaro developers with other project developers so the focus of this event is mainly technical, but it will also be an opportunity to see the latest 64-bit Arm hardware and software development in this space. Sessions cover topics including Hadoop, OpenJDK, Red Hat, Ubuntu, OpenStack, KVM, Xen and the toolchain.

On Thursday 18th September, the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) is inviting people to attend a day of sessions focusing on accelerating the support of Arm within networking. Dr Christos Kolias, Senior Research Scientist at Orange kicks off the day with an address on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), how this promises to change the service provider landscape and how it has emerged as one of today’s significant trends. Demos of the latest developments, including implementations of the OpenDataPlane (ODP) on hardware accelerated platforms will complement sessions on topics such as improving performance by keeping the kernel out of the way, LAVA and VLANs, and LTE EPC.

Friday 19th September concludes the week with a packed morning of sessions covering topics from all segments, followed by a keynote by Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. The afternoon continues with demos and then summaries from the week for the next engineering cycle.

The full schedule is available here 

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