Embedded Android Training Workshop to be Held at Linaro Connect Asia 2013

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Karim Yahhmour


Karim Yaghmour, CEO, Opersys Inc., will be leading a 4-part Embedded Android Training Workshop during the upcoming Linaro Connect Asia (LCA-13) in Hong Hong.

Embedded Android Training Workshop

While Android has been created for mobile devices – phones first and now tablets – it can, nonetheless, be used as the basis of any touch-screen system and due to Karim’s headless Android work, non-touch embedded systems, whether it be mobile or not. Essentially, Android is a custom-built embedded Linux distribution with a very elaborate and rich set of user-space abstractions, APIs, services and virtual machine. This four-part workshop is aimed at embedded developers wanting to build touch-based embedded systems using Android. It will cover Android from the ground up, enabling developers to get a firm hold on the components that make up Android and how they need to be adapted to an embedded system.

Specifically, we will start by introducing Android’s overall architecture and then proceed to peel Android’s layer one-by-one. First, we will cover the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the open source project under which Android’s source code is released. We will then dig into the native Android user-space, Android’s power tools, and cover how hardware support is implemented in Android. Given that Android is built on top of Linux, we will also go over some embedded Linux tricks and see how the kernel is modified to support the Android user-space. In addition, we will look at the System Server, the Android Framework and core Android applications, and how to customize them.

Schedule (all times are listed in HKT)

Attending the Sessions

Individuals who are interested in attending this workshop can do so either in person or through remote participation.

In-Person To attend in person you need to register to attend Linaro Connect Asia 2013 (please note that in-person registration will end tomorrow, 22 February 2013).  To register go to /connect click on the registration button. Once you have registered to attend (note there is a cost to attend) you will get an email from our event scheduling system that will give you instructions for setting up your account and logging in.  Once you have logged you can set up your personal profile and pick the sessions you will be attending to create your personalized event schedule.  There is also a Zerista mobile app available (search LCA-13 or Linaro) for Android and iPhone users. If you are already registered and planning on attending in person just add these sessions to your schedule.

Remote Participation The workshop will be live streamed via Google+ Hangouts on Air.  Instructions for remote participation can be found at: https://connect.linaro.org/lcu14/ For the best remote participation experience you’ll need to do the following:

After you have added the Linaro onAir Google+ Page to your Google+ circles or bookmarked the Linaro onAir Youtube channel and figured out what sessions you would like to attend all you have to do is watch the live stream and add your comments, questions, or feedback to the corresponding IRC Channel. Each etherpad for the sessions will also list the link for the live stream and the IRC Channel for those sessions. (Remember the IRC Channel matches the room that the session is in) Once the session ends the etherpad will also contain the link to the session so anyone who missed the live stream can get to it from the LCA-13 schedule.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about remote participation please let us know by emailing us at: connect@linaro.org.

More information about Linaro Connect can be found at: /connect

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