At the Linaro Developer Summit in Budapest, I managed to catch four famous kernel developers and record an interesting discussion with them (together with restaurant noise in the background, unless these were echoes of the big kernel lock being torn apart).

After introducing themselves and their jobs in Linaro (in particular Thomas Gleixner has just joined Linaro a few weeks before), these kernel hackers started insightful discussions about the below topics:

  • Device tree ready for mainline, and the outlook of simplifying kernel code for all the boards supported by the Arm kernel.

  • Flash media and improving filesystems on MTD and block flash devices. Speculations about the future of MTD.

  • Arm server challenges and the ability to run a server with a very low power budget, or even in places with no power grid.

The video can also be downloaded in WebM format:

  • [WebM / VP8 codec, 800x450 resolution (

  • [WebM / VP8 codec, full HD resolution (