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Devicetree Specification v0.2 Released


Today, version 0.2 of the Devicetree Specification was released. Version 0.2 is a minor update, but it sets up the process by which the Devicetree specification shall be developed from here on.

For 0.1, the document text was converted to Sphinx reStructuredText hosted in a GitHub repository, but the output documents were still created manually. Now for v0.2 and onwards the repo is integrated with Travis-CI and Read the Docs to automatically and reliably build the output documents whenever new changes are added to the master repo.

We’re also accepting contributions. Anyone is welcome to contribute by posting patches to the mailing list, or by raising issues on the GitHub page.

You can download a copy of the v0.2 document here:

Devicetree Specification v0.2

Or, roll up your sleeves, clone the git repo, and help out.

git clone

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