Linaro Connect Asia 2014 – Kicks Off in Macau

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Linaro Connect Asia 2014 opened today in Macau, China.   LCA14 began with Linaro’s CEO, George Grey, announcing that leading Chinese application processor design company, Allwinner Technology, has joined Linaro as a group member and is a founding member of the new Linaro Digital Home Group

In addition to the announcement about Allwinner, Mr. Grey gave a keynote discussing the implications and the opportunities for Linaro to support and benefit its members over the coming months.  Linaro also had a guest keynote speaker, Jon Masters, Chief ARM Architect for Redhat.  Mr. Masters spoke about “Succeeding Together: ARM in the Enterprise” which discussed the many opportunities and challenges for ARM in the Enterprise


Monday March 3, 2014 Opening Keynote Slides Video (YouTube) Video (Linaro Server)
Monday March 3, 2014 Keynote – Jon Masters No Slides Video (YouTube)* begins at 50:48 Video (Linaro Server)* begins at 50:48

There were several sessions that took place on Monday after the keynotes had concluded.  These sessions included:

Monday  March 3, 2014

LCA14-101: ARM VM Standards Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-102: Adopting ARM Trusted Firmware  Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-103: Roadmap changes   Download slides Video(You Tube) Video(Linaro Server)
LCA14-105: UEFI secure boot  Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-109: Path to Energy Efficient Scheduler  No slides available Video (You Tube) Video(Linaro Server)
LCA14-421: Linaro Comcast RDK project  Downloadslides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-104: GTS – A solution to support ARM’s big.LITTLE technology Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-106: jic – the CLI interface to JIRA for geeks  Download slides Video(You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-307: ARM server standardization  No slides available Video(You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-110: FLOSS Training  Downloadslides Video (You Tube) Video on Linaro Server unavailable
LCA14-111: Upstreaming 101  Download slides Video (You Tube) Video on Linaro Server unavailable
LCA14-112: Upstreaming 201  Download slides Video (You Tube) Video on Linaro Server unavailable

On Tuesday Linaro Connect will start the day with two great keynotes.  First up will be Sreekant Kotay, SVP – Chief Software Architect from Comcast, discussing “Device development model for Carrier Class operators”.   Following  that  Pradeep Kathail,  Chief Network Architect from Cisco , will give a talk on “Open Network Environment: Software Defined Networking & Beyond”.

After the keynotes there will be several sessions for attendees to participate in.  Including:

10:05AM 11:00AM LCA14-201: 64-bit GNU & LLVM Toolchains Status & Directions
10:05AM 11:00AM LCA14-202: ARM-SOC: Status and Directions
10:05AM 11:00AM LCA14-203: Introduction to CI @ Linaro 1 of 3
11:15AM 12:05PM LCA14-204: Introduction to CI @ Linaro 2 of 3
11:15AM 12:05PM LCA14-205: Optimizing SQLite for Android mobile
11:15AM 12:05PM LCA14-206: Scheduler tooling and benchmarking
12:10PM 01:00PM LCA14-209: ODP Project Update
12:10PM 01:00PM LCA14-208: Introduction to CI @ Linaro 3 of 3
12:10PM 01:00PM LCA14-207: ACPI AML usage and ASL guidelines
03:00PM 04:00PM LNG Internal Discussion Sessions NO_HZ & RT (Invitation Only)
03:30PM 04:30PM LCA14-210: ETM/ETB/Coresight
04:00PM 05:00PM LNG Advance GIT (Invitation Only)


Can’t make it to Macau?  Don’t worry.  Check out below how you can participate remotely and watch the sessions via the Google +Linaro On Air  or YouTube accounts.  There will be links to the live stream in each session descriptions.   For more information on Remote Participation please visit the Linaro Connect website.

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