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Wednesday at Linaro Connect USA 2013 started off with the Linaro attendees going to the Simon Segars keynote for ARM TechCon where he discussed his vision for transformative technology in the Internet of Things (IoT), data center and mobile. 

Linaro Connect sessions followed the keynote in the morning of Wednesday and the afternoon was filled with engineering working sessions. The morning sessions included:

Thursday will be a different type of day where there will be some follow-up sessions on topics presented earlier in the week as well as team meetings and hacking taking place.

09:00AM 10:00AM Collaborating with other Android communities Android .Auditorium
09:00AM 10:00AM Linaro Infrastructure Update Automation and Validation .GT America 1
10:05AM 11:00AM BOF: ARMv8 Graphics Package Porting Graphics and Multimedia .GT America 2
10:05AM 11:00AM The Power of Being Idle: On Tuning CPUidle tables for ARM multiprocessor systems Power Managment .GT America 1
11:15AM 12:05PM Deep Dive into ARM Trusted Firmware Platform .GT America 2
11:15AM 12:00PM Linaro Test Suites preview release Automation and Validation .GT America 1
12:10PM 01:00PM Deep Dive into ARM Trusted Firmware Platform .GT America 2
12:10PM 01:00PM LNG SC meeting Networking .GT America 1
02:00PM 02:55PM Backporting & Bug fixing process improvement Tools .GT America 1

Can’t make it to Santa Clara?  Don’t worry. Check out below how you can participate remotely and watch the sessions via the Google +Linaro On Air  or YouTube accounts.  There will be links to the live stream in each session descriptions.   For more information on Remote Participation please visit the Linaro Connect website.


Steve Taylor
Steve Taylor
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