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Linaro Connect videos: achievements, Q&A with management and announcements


Cambridge, UK, Aug. 5 2011

At the end of Linaro Connect Q3.11, the various working groups share what they achieved during this very intense week. Here are a just a few selected bits:

  • Validation platform (LAVA): i.MX53 support, implementation plans for power measurement

  • Android platform: integration of libjpeg-turbo, powertop and glmark, i.MX53 booting to Android, gerrit deployment.

  • Developer platform: Revamped Arm porting jam, bootchart, smem and xrestop integration in LAVA

  • Infrastructure: continuous testing of kernel image builds, new hardware packs

  • Toolchain: moved up to gdb 7.3, binary toolchain plans fleshed out, OpenCL and LLVM exploration, a few vectorizer platches in *

  • Kernel: Device Tree porting to TI OMAP3, Qualcomm MSM86xx, Samsung Exynos, Atmel AT91, Freescale i.MX53, Arm Versatile. Single zImage: 12 patches submitted upstream, dozen of other patches ready for upstream submission. Kernel consolidation discussions with Russell King, the Arm Linux maintainer, who participated to Connect.

  • Power management: thermal framework deployed on Samsung Exynos and ST-Ericsson Snowball in a few hours, consolidation of Idle Save/Restore code, removing a lot of code duplication across platforms.

  • Graphics: glmark2 ported to Android, progress on Unified Memory Management.

  • Multimedia: libjpeg-turbo integration in Android, NEON optimization forum

  • Progress on the boot infrastructure requirements for Linux on Arm servers

See the below video for details!

After this, a Questions and Answers session opened between Linaro engineers and Linaro’s management, mainly about Linaro’s strategy for the next months and years.

Stephen Doel, Linaro’s Chief Operating Officer, closes the event by giving interesting statistics, and by thanking those who contributed to it. Stephen also made announcements for the next Linaro Connect events. Watch to video to have details!

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