Compiling the Snowball ICS Build from Scratch background image

Compiling the Snowball ICS Build from Scratch

Zach Pfeffer

What’s better than flashy videos of Snowball running ICS?

Snowball Running ICS from

…or trying a prebuilt ICS out for yourself on Snowball?

Instructions and Binaries

Getting the source and compiling it yourself!

mkdir bin
export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH
curl > bin/repo
chmod a+x bin/repo
mkdir snowball_ics
cd snowball_ics
repo init -u git:// -b linaro_android_4.0.1 -m staging-snowball.xml
repo sync
make TARGET_PRODUCT=snowball TARGET_TOOLS_PREFIX=./prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-linux-androideabi-4.4.x/bin/arm-linux-androideabi- -j8 systemtarball userdatatarball boottarball
bzr branch lp:linaro-image-tools
./linaro-image-tools/linaro-android-media-create --mmc /dev/sdc --dev snowball_sd --system /mnt/user/0_pfefferz/ics/snowball_ics/system.tar.bz2 --userdata /mnt/user/0_pfefferz/ics/snowball_ics/userdata.tar.bz2 --boot /mnt/user/0_pfefferz/ics/snowball_ics/boot.tar.bz2