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Today we are highlighting career opportunities which aren’t tied to a specific geographical location.  Do you want to work from home, with an Open Source organization while helping to build the future of Linux on ARM?

Yes, then keep reading!

What are we looking for?

GCC Developer

Linaro has a long term goal of making ARM devices more competitive by making a better static toolchain. We are searching for a middle to experienced GCC developer to join our Toolchain Working Group. You will work on GCC, generally in the mid- and ARM back-ends. You will add new ARM specific features and optimisations, and also improve the quality of existing features and code generation. The team works in the open with the upstream projects. You will use your knowledge and engineering experience to design, implement, test, release, and share the improvements made. You’ll be part of a distributed team made up of knowledgeable people with backgrounds in compilers, developer tools, and libraries. This role requires some international travel.

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Kernel Baselines Lead Engineer

A lead Linux kernel maintainer responsible for creating and maintaining a LLTS (Linaro Long-Term Stable) kernel for every version of the LTS (Long-Term Stable) tree. Includes back-porting Linaro feature patches to the LLTS kernels.

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QA Services Lead

Linaro is looking for someone to head up the QA Services team, and help establish the standard for quality in all of Linaro. The Linaro QA Services team lead is responsible for managing a team of QA engineers focused on providing validation of Linaro platforms, reporting on test status, shaping the release processes as they pertain to quality, bug tracking, and planning the strategies for testing new technologies in the world of Linux on ARM. The QA Services team lead will need to work across the organization to establish a culture of quality in the organization, and solicit tests from working groups and developers inside, and outside of Linaro, as well as overseeing development of new tests, reporting tools, and automation.

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Senior Android Platform Engineer – Technical Lead

As a Senior Android Platform Engineer, you will be a technical and thought leader of Android Engineering topics in Linaro. You will be responsible to work with engineering, product and project management to break down high level requirements into workable engineering plans. You will take over technical responsibility of larger and high level engineering projects, which includes: day by day team mentoring and leadership and operational supervision without direct line responsibility. You will engage in a variety of engineering projects and your input will be essential in identifying and planning the long term Android roadmap for Linaro.

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OS Engineer – Kernel/Bootloader

Linaro Platform Engineering is providing full system stack baselines as well as automation tools and services that power the majority of Linaro WG efforts through providing them with a streamlined engineering platform for daily development as well highly automated system stack solutions derived from popular, open-source linux distributions used for continuous integration, validation and release activities across the engineering organization. By doing that you will help us guarantee that upstream solutions developed in Linaro are applicable, feasibility and efficiency developed as part of our upstream focussed Working Group efforts.

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Engineering Manager – Automation & CI

The person taking this role will oversee Linaro’s Automation Infrastructure team. This is an exciting position requiring a self-starter who can manage a very flexible workload. The person’s highest priority will be identifying gaps and opportunities to make engineers live easier through a versatile and robust continuous integration infrastructure. To do this they will be overseeing a proper long-term roadmap and monthly milestones that contribute to those goals. Once a milestone is in place the they must work with their engineers to make sure things come together for each monthly release that can be deployed and used by Linaro stakeholders. In addition to working with first line engineers, the lead must also interface with Linaro member companies, management, and community members to explain a clear message about Linaro’s automation offerings such LAVA and CI. The person must also be able to give technical assistance where needed. Linaro is global company, and at times the lead will be expected to participate in meetings outside the normal working hours of their time zone. Often times this position will require the lead to help out with technical work such as bug fixes, code reviews, or implementing a feature for a monthly milestone. This aspect of the job is quite exciting but requires a person who can still keep track of how each person on the team is doing.

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