Announce: Linaro Virtual Connect, 13-17 August 2012

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Linaro divides its Roadmap into four yearly quarters punctuated by our Connect events, and this year our third quarter will be kicked off with a twist: instead of doing it physically at one location, we’ll instead be running a week of online discussions. Virtual Connect Q3.12 will run from August 13th to 17th, is open to the public, and will be entirely hosted on Google+ Hangouts on Air.

What’s a Virtual Connect?

Linaro Connects are events mainly made up of BoF-style discussions, where a lead directs conversation, but every member in the audience can directly participate. In Virtual Connect we will use Google+ Hangouts on Air to accomplish a similar model: up to 10 participants can directly engage in videoconference, and an unlimited number can watch the live discussion that will be streaming via YouTube or the Google + profile. Participants who want to ask questions and give input to the discussion can do so using IRC (Freenode channel #linaro-connect).

Software Requirements

You must have an up-to-date browser which supports Google’s Talk Plugin, and the plugin needs to be installed. Both Firefox and Chromium support Google+ Hangouts just fine. You also need a Google Plus account. A proper headset and microphone are strongly encouraged — you may be muted by the session lead if your background noise is too loud. You are also encouraged to use a webcam if you are joining the Hangout on Air so that you can be part of the streaming video.

Make a point of testing your browser before the session; feel free to contact Amber Graner or Christian ‘Kiko” Reis on to run a test session at any time. If necessary contact any Linaro engineer on Freenode IRC channel #linaro for assistance in setting up your environment.

Session Hours

Sessions run for 1.5 hours, with an additional 30 minutes of grace time being available if we happen to overrun. We will run three daily sessions on these times from Monday August 13th to Friday August 17th:

Session Leads will be online 15 minutes before the allotted time, so you’re welcome to join early and wait for the fun to start.


Monday 13th
10:00 UTC Analyzing vectorizer performance regressions in GCC 4.7 and 4.8 Michael Hope
15:00 UTC Bootstrapping OpenEmbedded for ARMv8’s AArch64 Ricardo Salveti
21:00 UTC Breaking New Ground Through Host-Side Test Automation Andy Doan
Tuesday 14th
10:00 UTC Streamlining Manual QA Testing of ARM Devices Paul Larson
15:00 UTC Single Kernel Binary for ARM Devices: A Health Check Deepak Saxena
21:00 UTC Android and Traditional Linux: Differences and Convergence Zach Pfeffer
Wednesday 15th
10:00 UTC The big.LITTLE MP Roadmap Amit Kucheria
15:00 UTC Bridging the Gaps in the Android and Linux Graphics Stacks Jesse Barker
21:00 UTC A closer look at Dalvik & native performance on the Cortex A9 and A15 Zach Pfeffer
Thursday 16th
10:00 UTC Exploring The Performance Impact of PGO and LTO on ARM Michael Hope
15:00 UTC Adding support for new Android platforms in Linaro, Summer Edition Zach Pfeffer
21:00 UTC Collecting Linux test results in QA Dashboards for LAVA Paul Larson
Friday 17th
10:00 UTC Idling SoCs in a busy world: cpuidle, hotplug and beyond Amit Kucheria
15:00 UTC Bringing ARM STM support to Linux: A Status Update Deepak Saxena
21:00 UTC Functional Regression Testing for Graphical Environments Jesse Barker


Tuning into Virtual Connect

To participate or watch a session, visit the Linaro OnAir Google+ profile. We’ll open each session 15 minutes before the allotted time. When the session is open, you’ll be presented with options to join or watch the Hangout, just like in this screenshot:

Screenshot of Linaro OnAir's Google Plus page hosting a Hangout

Clicking on the play button will start video playback in the browser, while clicking on the “Join this hangout” button puts you in the conference itself. If you choose to join, you’ll be placed directly into the session. Please don’t join the session after it starts and interrupt. The session lead is noted in each session entry; notice the lead’s cues as they direct the conversation towards the session agenda.

To help identify Hangout participants, we ask that you install the Lower Third app by adding it to your Hangout view and configuring it, as in this screenshot:

Screenshot showing how to enable the Lower Third app in a Hangout

We also ask you join the Freenode IRC channel #linaro-connect (webchat available) where you can post questions and add comments as you like. We’ll be adding meeting minutes as we go to Etherpad documents also linked to from the session event entries.

What If I Can’t Make It?

All sessions will be broadcast live and recorded in the Linaro OnAir Youtube Channel, where they can be viewed later. Session minutes, including the IRC transcript, will be stored in Etherpad and linked from the video description and the event entry.

And if you liked the experience, pen in the dates for the next, non-virtual, Linaro Connect, which will be in Copenhagen during the week of October 29th, co-hosted with UDS. See you all there, and thanks!

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  • Saif Abrar

    This idea of Virtual-Connect is great….why no one thought of this earlier ? !
    It will allow greater number of people to participate, who were not able to go to the traditional physical Connect.

    Saif Abrar

  • Christian Robottom Reis

    I had this idea a while back, but only now had the guts to test it. We’re going to try it out this time and see if the format works; it’s not as fun in that we’re not going to be seeing everybody at a single location, but you’re right that it allows much broader participation. Fingers crossed!

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