Linaro Connect Bangkok 2016 Summary Blog 1 - The Keynotes

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Linaro Connect Bangkok (BKK16) was our 19th event to date and our first in Thailand. It was a great event at a beautiful venue. Our Thai hosts at the Centara Grand were wonderfully welcoming and helped to make BKK16 an event to remember.

On Monday 7 March, George Grey, CEO of Linaro, started proceedings with his now traditional welcome keynote. He made several announcements including the Arm Based Developer Cloud and 96Boards HiKey in AOSP.

There were also a number of exciting demos hosted, which all focused on the 96Boards platform including:

  1. Tony Zhang from LeMaker demonstrating the first 96Boards CE LCD Display
  2. Yang Zhang, 96Boards Director presenting a 96Boards Virtual Reality Demonstration
  3. Martin Stadtler LEG Director providing a demonstration of a cloud based application owncloud, using nginx, memcached, haproxy, apache and mysql, all on Arm64 servers, running the enterprise reference software platform.
  4. Jon Masters Chief Architect from Red Hat.


We were very excited to have had some fantastic keynote speakers that got a lot of engagement from our attendees. Security in a device connected world was a common theme each morning. The message was “Yes we should be very worried about security vulnerabilities in connected devices (light bulbs, thermostats, teddy bears…) and we have a responsibility as engineers to minimize these issues as much as humanly possible. “

Eric Hennenhoefer VP Arm Research

In our next blog entry, we will highlight some of the most popular sessions at BKK16.

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