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We are planning a few changes for the upcoming Linaro Connect (LCU-13) in Santa Clara based on member feedback and co-location with Arm TechCon . First, we want to focus sessions on engineering planning and discussion versus typical conference-style presentations. To encourage discussions and promote a less formal setting, we will be organizing the session rooms in a roundtable fashion rather than having a more typical theater seating layout. The roundtable approach has been used successfully in past Connects so we bring it back for LCU-13. In addition to changing the session room layout we have decided to designate Thursday as Linaro Team day. There will be no keynote and no regular sessions. Instead, Teams will have the full day available for hacking, planning and focused discussions. Teams will have full access to their assigned hacking rooms. Session rooms will also be available on a first come first serve basis to allow teams to schedule hangout sessions with those who are unable to attend Connect in person.

On Tuesday there will be a networking summit in the morning include an opening keynote followed by sessions on high performance telecom, network application tracing and debugging and a discussion on dataplane for the Arm ecosystem. Team and member demos will be in the early evening then the traditional hacking night with food and refreshments.

On Wednesday the Linaro Connect attendees will join Arm TechCon for Simon Segars (Arm CEO) keynote address. Wednesday will also be the inaugural Linaro Connect “Crazy Shirt” day so bring your most wild and crazy shirts for public display. Rumor has it there may be some prizes given for the craziest shirts of the day. If you need some inspiration, check out

Friday morning will be dedicated to team summaries. Each team will be given 15 minutes to summarize their highlights from the week: accomplishments, key decisions, challenges and plans moving forward. Last but not least, Joe Bates (VP of Member Services) will be closing the event by presenting his overview and perspective on the week.

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Linaro Connect USA 2013 will take place October 28 - November 1st in Santa Clara, California. Learn more about LCU13 and to Register to attend

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