August 2012 CEO Report

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Following the recent Members and Board meetings I am pleased to let the members know that the new category of Linaro membership - Group membership - has been approved. Linaro Core and Club membership continue to offer a high ROI for core Linaro work, consolidating and optimizing Linux on the Arm architecture, and also working in the mobile space (Android). Over the past 12 months our focus has been able to move from fixing the problems of the past, to learning from them and making Linux on Arm stronger in the future.

The recent big.LITTLE work is a good example. In the past, Arm has released new IP with reference software to its partners, enabling them to pick up the baton and run with it. In terms of Linux this has meant each SoC vendor has often implemented core technology to accomplish the task at hand in a different way. Rather than building proprietary advantage this is a waste of time and money. Time, because longer must be spent keeping this core technology updated with mainline Linux, and money, because the cost of everyone engineering the same functionality and then maintaining it is far higher than necessary for software that is a needed part of, but does not add value to, the end product. Linaro is working with Arm and the Linaro members to deliver big.LITTLE CPU migration (the in-kernel switcher), and big.LITTLE MP, once, and upstream, so that all Arm partners can use the same core software, and can then use their own engineering teams to work on differentiation, and on building real customer value.

Our core and club members are key to achieving our goals, and are working today on big.LITTLE and the forthcoming Arm v8 architecture within Linaro to gain time to market and to see the ROI from sharing the costs of development of core open source software based on Arm’s IP deliverables. We expect to announce new Club and Core members over the coming weeks, and look forward to strengthening Linaro’s engineering team and achieving even more than we have to date with the additional resources that these new members will bring.

The new Group membership will further strengthen Linaro. It leverages Linaro’s existing structure and experience to enable groups of companies to come together and set up a shared engineering team to work on needs for a particular segment of the Arm ecosystem. Linaro is actively talking to a number of OEMs, Distributions and Arm SoC Vendors about possible Groups in several different segments, including Enterprise, Networking, STB/Digital TV, Automotive and Embedded Linux. With Group membership we expect to be able to extend Linaro’s benefits to more companies in the Arm ecosystem. This will create additional opportunities for not only those companies, but also for our Core and Club members who will benefit from contributions made by each new Group member to the mainstream Linaro effort, working groups and platform team. Core and Club members will be able to join any or all of the new groups without further fees, subject to being able to support the engineering resource needs. This is an exciting development for all of us at Linaro, and I am sure that it will enable Linaro to deliver substantial additional value to all of our members. We expect to make further announcements on this before the end of the year.

As autumn approaches I look forward to our next Linaro Connect in Copenhagen. We expect it to be our biggest yet and we look forward to meeting you all there. See below for registration and other details.

Linaro Connect, Copenhagen, Denmark - October 29th thru November 2nd It is time to register for our next event: Linaro Connect Europe 2012 (LCE12). Please register at and book your accommodation here. LCE12 is being held at the Bella Center in Copenhagen alongside the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS). This is the same week as Arm TechCon - our engineering focus will be at LCE12 and we expect that some Linaro announcements will be made at TechCon. Information about the schedule for LCE12 is available on In addition to the regular sessions in the mornings and afternoons, we are hosting three mini-summits on Android, big.LITTLE and AArch64 (Armv8 64-bit).

Companies are increasingly approaching us about sponsoring Linaro Connect events, and we now have a set of formalized sponsorship packages. If you are interested, please contact

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