Arm, LEG and now LNG... Linaro forms a new engineering group

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Linaro Announces New Networking Group

Today, Linaro CEO George Grey, on stage at the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) with Jim Zemlin, the executive director of the Linux Foundation, announced the formation of a new Linaro engineering group –The Linaro Networking Group (LNG).

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“The strength of the Arm community is in working together and innovating,” said George Grey,CEO of Linaro. “We are very pleased to host the new Linaro Networking Group software engineering team, focused on consolidating and optimizing common software for networking equipment applications using Arm SoCs. We look forward to working with SoC vendors, equipment manufacturers and members of the software ecosystem in building and maintaining world-class open source foundation software for this market.”

In November 2012, at Arm TechCon, Grey announced the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG). The formation of LNG builds on the experience of LEG and the desire of companies to actively work together on common engineering goals and drive forward the development of Linux on Arm.

Who are the members of LNG?

The founding members of LNG include AppliedMicro, Arm, Enea, Freescale, LSI,, Nokia Siemens Networks and Texas Instruments (TI)

What is the purpose of LNG and its goals?

LNG will be a group dedicated to accelerating Linux networking on Arm. Membership to this group is based on a new Linaro membership category which will initially include Arm, equipment OEMs, silicon partners and distribution partners to leverage and extend Linaro’s existing shared engineering, legal and open source collaboration resources and infrastructure.

An interim steering committee formed from the companies interested in forming LNG has been meeting for the last couple of months to generate a technical requirements document and identify key focus areas. This group has agreed on four initial areas of work:

  1. Virtualization support with considerations for real-time performance, I/O optimization, robustness and heterogeneous operating environments on multi-core SoCs.

  2. Real-time operations and the Linux kernel optimizations for the control and data plane.

  3. Packet processing optimizations that maximize performance and minimize latency in data flows through the network.

  4. Dealing with legacy software and mixed-endian issues prevalent in the networking space.

Discussion of these areas and the formal kick off for the group will happen at the next Linaro Connect, in Hong Kong 4-8 March (see Connect for more information).

Collaboration is key!

As with any open source project, open and transparent collaboration is key and these philosophies are what we are bringing to the Arm ecosystem in many ways through our working groups, LEG, and now LNG. The LNG efforts will not only help accelerate Linux networking development on Arm but also place a strong cornerstone of collaboration and foundation of transparency with its group members and the upstream networking communities.

More information:

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