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Video - Zach Pfeffer: Android platform development


Linaro Connect, Cambridge, UK, August 2011.

Zach Pfeffer, Linaro Android Working Group tech lead, gives an introduction to making Android work on a new hardware platform.

He starts by giving details about Android, its implementation, and how source code is managed. In particular, he explains how Linaro upstream accepts code contributions. He then gives details about how to add support for a new board, taking advantage of Linaro scripts and infrastructure, already supporting community boards from several Arm SoC vendors.

With this presentation, you get a good understanding about what Android is, and Zach makes you feel like adding support for your own boards. Even if you heard about Android before, this was a very interesting talk, and you got out of the room with clear ideas.

Slides can be found on the Linaro wiki.

On a related topic, you may also be interested in the video coverage of a meeting between Arm and Linaro engineers, sharing their plans about Android:

You will have to join the next Linaro Connect event to ask questions ;-) . If you are in a hurry, you can also post comments here.

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