96Boards OpenHours week 2

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The second week of our ongoing 96Boards OpenHours took place yesterday.  For those of you unfamiliar with our 96Boards OpenHours, it is a weekly session every Thursday at 4pm BST. We begin these sessions with a short demo, presentation or tutorial and then it is open to answer any questions regarding 96Boards products, the specifications, troubleshooting etc..  This is a great place to get answers to any questions you may have, including bringing any questions from the forums that may not have been answered to your satisfaction.  OpenHours is a great place to get real-time answers to your questions.

This week the OpenHour’s opening topic was based on part 2 of the 96Boards out of box experience guide blog.  Robert discussed and compared different operating systems to give a better idea of what mix (96Board+OS) best suits various development or hobby project needs.  Following the opening discussion there were many questions such as: why does the DragonBoard ship with different operating systems?, how do I determine which operating system works best for my particular project?, can you give us more information about the robotic mezzanine board?, and many other questions specific to the OpenHour’s participant’s projects they were working on.    Watch the entire session

Join us next week for 96boards OpenHours on Thursday for a deeper dive into the 96Boards add-ons such as the Mezzanine product line, audio jack additions through the analog expansion header of the DragonBoard 410c, and 3D printed 96Boards cases (STL files available now!).

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