16 mins read

Debugging Arm kernels using NMI/FIQ

Debugging Arm kernels using NMI/FIQ Daniel Thompson talks about how Linaro’s work to upstream a little known tool for Android evolved into an effort, in collaboration with other contributors, to...

Daniel Thompson
3 mins read

Welcome to Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015!

We are returning to Hong Kong for this year’s Linaro Connect in Asia. Hong Kong is such a great city with lots of restaurants, night life, culture and the awesome...

Mark Orvek
1 min read

Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 - Sold Out!

The week before the event is due to start, Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2015 (HKG15) is officially sold out. Each event for the last four years has grown about 10%...

Shovan Sargunam
2 mins read

Linaro 15.01 Release Available for Immediate Download!

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky..” ~ Rabindranath Tagore Linaro 15.01  release is now available...

Koen Kooi
6 mins read

Energy-Aware Scheduling (EAS) Project

Energy-Aware Scheduling (EAS) Project The energy-aware scheduling (EAS) project is trying to solve a long-standing design limitation of two key power-management subsystems (CPUFreq and CPUIdle) - they don’t coordinate their...

Amit Kucheria
8 mins read

The Road to Energy-Aware Scheduling

The Road to Energy-Aware Scheduling The computing industry has gone through multiple “power” phases since its infancy. The first computers consumed quite a lot of power. However they weren’t very...

Nicolas Pitre
12 mins read

Testing QEMU Arm TrustZone

Testing QEMU Arm TrustZone A while back we wrote about the QEMU implementation of Arm TrustZone, also known as Arm Security extensions support, and now that this work is being...

Greg Bellows
16 mins read

arm-soc contents merged into 3.19

Introduction Every kernel release has a two week merge window following the release of the previous kernel during which all new features are merged, followed by several weeks of stabilization...

Arnd Bergmann
1 min read

Linaro Confectionary Release (LCR) 14.12 released

“Any technology that does not appear magical is insufficiently advanced.” ~ Gregory Benford Linaro is pleased to announce the first Linaro Confectionery Release (LCR). LCR is a reference build of...

Fathi Boudra