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Congratulations to Srini Kandagatla for 5 years at Linaro

We would like to congratulate Srini Kandagatla for making a difference in open source at Linaro for 5 years.

About Srini Kandagatla (Senior Engineer / Linaro)

I started working with Linux kernels in 2004 on v2.4 kernels mainly writing new device drivers for Taiwan based company. Since then, I continued to work on various ARM based embedded Linux platforms for hand-held devices, set-top boxes. Worked with various ARM based SMP/UP processors like STiH415, STiH416, S3C24XX, S3C241X, BCM2153, PXA270, OMAP 730 & 850, OMAP 2430. Most of my experience is around embedded software, R&D, bringing up new SOCs, Boards, or writing drivers, upstreaming, debugging and customer support. My last association with ST Microelectronics has given me chance to bring up large number of development boards, modules and SoCs from scratch based on both ARM and ST40. I have been leading the upstreaming work for STlinux and currently am the Maintainer of ST ARM SoCs in

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ARM SOCs or board bringups, device driver delopment, device trees, upstreaming.