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Viresh Kumar


Viresh has been involved with upstream kernel development for over 17 years. He started as maintainer for ST Microelectronics’s SPEAr platform in upstream kernel and since then has been involved with Linaro, where he works as Senior Kernel Engineer in the Kernel working group. He contributed a fair amount of code in vairous power management frameworks, where he co-maintains cpufreq and OPP frameworks currently. He has worked in a wide range of domains, like Virtio, Rust, Arm’s big LITTLE, core-isolation (nohz), workqueues, scheduler, timers/tick, Greybus, LTP, thermal, genpd, etc. He also contributed to Google’s Project ARA.

Today he works on Linaro’s project stratos where he focusses on virtualiztion, Rust based virtio backends, QEMU, etc.