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Sumit Garg


For most of Sumit’s early career he worked at NXP, focused largely on system boot and security frameworks such as Secure boot, ARM TrustZone based TEE, PKCS#11 crypto, SELinux and IMA/EVM. Sumit’s work at NXP led him to platform maintenance within the OP-TEE project and also into contributions to other projects such as Trusted Firmware (TF-A), u-boot, Linux and more.

Sumit currently works as a Senior Engineer in Linaro’s Support and Solutions Engineering team. At Linaro he has continued to work on security related projects, including both OP-TEE and TF-A, which led him to the role of Linux’s TEE subsystem reviewer. Sumit also helps Linaro members in his other areas of interest including toolchains and embedded Linux distributions such as OpenEmbedded where, among other things, he maintains the meta-arm-toolchain layer.