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Jens Wiklander


Jens has spent most of his career in security. First developing PC TCP/IP firewalls at Effnet and Rockstorm and later developing a system for CCTV monitoring of roads in Sweden at ISG. When he joined the security team at Ericsson Mobile Platforms, later ST-Ericsson, he was introduced to ARM/TrustZone and became one of the lead engineers developing a TEE which is now known as OP-TEE.

Jens currently works as a Senior Engineer in Linaro’s Security Working Group. At Linaro he started to work with ST to make OP-TEE ready to be open sourced. Since then he has worked with everything related to OP-TEE. Writing and upstreaming the OP-TEE Linux driver resulted in the TEE subsystem of which he now is a maintainer. When TF-A was open sourced he contributed the OP-TEE Dispatcher and also support for QEMU. He has written and upstreamed another OP-TEE driver for U-Boot. Jens has also been active in work with the FF-A specification from day one, by giving feedback and suggestions from OP-TEE point of view.