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Linux Kernel Engineer (Kernel Products)

Job Description

Linaro’s Kernel Products team is looking for kernel developer(s) with the skill and desire to identify, root-cause and ultimately fix build, boot and/or test regressions within the Linux Kernel.  Whether working to improve the Linaro stable kernel or the mainline kernel, the engineer will have to be adept at troubleshooting and finding solutions to problems independently and collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.  In this position, you may find issues that span the entire Linux Kernel, bootloader and Linux OS / Android OS stacks and you should be comfortable working on any of them.

Aside from making sure regressions are dealt with, you may also be responsible for creating and/or integrating new tests to validate different kernel subsystems.  This position is an excellent opportunity for engineers that want to have an immediate and lasting impact on ARM within the Linux Kernel.

Required Skills

  • 5+ years of experience with the Linux kernel; embedded Linux
  • Must be innovative and a “self-starter”
  • Experience in embedded-system product development and test strategies
  • Demonstrated experience creating test plans and creating tests for automation
  • Ability to accurately identify system failures and likely causes during log-file analysis
  • Experience submitting bug reports and working with development teams to resolve issues.
  • Experience with a variety of tools; Jenkins, Buildbot, Jira, Git/Gerrit
  • BS/BA degree in Computer Science, Computer / Electrical Engineering or related job experience

Desired Skills

  • Experience being convincing enough to get patches and bugs accepted into open source projects
  • Experience submitting and reviewing upstream patches
  • Familiarity with open source test software projects; ltp, etc…
  • Demonstrated upstream development contributions and comfortable working remotely
  • History of Linux Kernel contributions
  • Experience shipping Linux-based embedded-systems
  • Experience using Linaro LAVA to perform system verification

Number of openings

1 Engineer

Mark Orvek
Mark Orvek
Mark Orvek - Executive VP of Engineering at Linaro. Mark joined Linaro as Director of Working Groups in August 2012. Prior to this he was Vice President of Engineering and Services at MontaVista Software. He joined MontaVista in 1999 as the director of engineering, responsible for new product development focused on making the Linux operating system suitable for embedded systems and embedded applications. He managed the development of key technologies for Linux including multi-architecture platform support, real-time, carrier grade high availability, small footprint, fast boot, power management and most recently the MontaVista Linux 6 Integration Platform. Before MontaVista, he was an R&D Section Manager at Hewlett-Packard (HP), holding various positions including technical field support, development engineer, R&D Project Manager and R&D Section Manager in HP’s business servers and Real-time embedded board computers. Mark holds BS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and in Computer Science from California State University at Dominguez Hills.
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