Security Working Group

The Security Working Group (SWG) was recently started and we need to grow to be able to ensure and keep our planned deliverables.

We are looking for a developer that has a majority of the following skills:

  • General background of developing secure software
  • Experience working with DRM solutions
  • Experience working with the Linux kernel and its community
  • Experience working with cryptography (ciphers, hashes, RNG, signatures etc.)
  • Understanding of how the ARM architecture works, especially when it comes to the security extensions (TrustZone)
  • Knowledge about the boot process (secure boot is a plus)
  • Solid background as C programmer
  • Familiar with Git
  • Very comfortable with the Linux environment and a good understanding of how components are tied together
  • Strong English skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to work as part of a team but must also be capable of taking responsibility and completing work independently

Bonus skills:

  • Knowledge about SELinux, LSM, AppArmor
  • Speaking Chinese (Mandarin) and is familiar with the culture
  • Speaking Korean and is familiar with the culture
  • Have knowledge about ARMv8 architecture
  • Know how to write Makefiles (and linker files)
  • Know how to use a debugger (gdb, jtag for example)
  • Knowledge about (Comcast) RDK
  • Knowledge about Android architecture
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