Various flavors of Linux are already widely used in the digital home – in TVs, set-top boxes, home gateways and other connected devices. Consumers are not generally aware that they are using Linux and the number of different solutions means the market is badly fragmented and out of date kernels and distributions are still being actively marketed. This leads to high costs of integration, customization and maintenance; multiple media frameworks and players; and a lack of common interfaces and interoperability.

The evolution of the Linaro Digital Home Group (LHG) began in 2013 with interest from existing club and core members and a project sponsored by Comcast to design and implement a reference implementation of the OpenEmbedded RDK. This project demonstrated the value of the Linaro model and LHG began work, focusing on technical requirements in the following broad areas:

  • Kernel (Linaro LSKOE/Yocto, Android)
  • Media Framework (RDK GStreamer/Android Stagefright, HTML5)
  • User Interface (HTML5, Qt, Webkit, Blink)
  • Security (TrustZone, DRM, crypto, W3C EME)
  • Test and validation (LAVA, CI)

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