The Board is the principal decision making body and focuses on ensuring the organization is moving toward its strategic mission through a combination of industry positioning, key partnerships, membership, and funding.

To maintain separation between long term objectives and nearer term development roadmaps, the Board looks to the management team and the Technical Steering Committee to apply development resources to projects based on the needs of members. The Board is made up of appointed individuals from each Core Member, a Club director representing the interests of all Club members and the CEO. The Board meeting minutes are available to download here. More details can be found in the Foundation’s Articles of Association and Rules of Membership.

Monika Biddulph / ARM

Monika Biddulph was appointed General Manager of ARM’s Partner Enablement Group in 2013. She has been with ARM for over 15 years in a variety of Management, Commercial, Licensing, Marketing, and Application Engineering roles. She is an expert in Licensing negotiations and throughout her career has worked across all regions including Asia and the US. Prior to her employment with ARM, Monika completed her PhD in Experimental High Energy Particle Physics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and she holds a Diploma in Experimental Medical Physics with the University of Siegen, Germany.

George Grey / Linaro

George has led software and hardware technology companies for over 25 years, gaining wide ranging expertise in business strategy, product development, sales and marketing. Early in his career he spent 12 years as founder and then CEO of Tadpole Technology plc, a developer of advanced mobile workstations. More recently at SavaJe, a pioneer of Smartphone operating systems, he developed a deep understanding of advanced software technologies, and worked with partners and customers across the entire mobile industry. George has built a reputation for leading and growing technology companies, and brings to Linaro extensive experience in creating innovative products and solutions for global markets.

Matthew Locke / Qualcomm Innovation Center

Matthew Locke is an Engineering Director for the Qualcomm Innovation Center responsible for upstreaming Qualcomm SoC support to  He has been involved in Linux and Open Source Software for nearly 18 years in a variety of roles from community developer to commercial executive.   Previously, when Matt was the Director for TI’s Linux Development Center he was also  on Linaro’s Board of Directors as TI’s representative and  TI’s Linaro TSC representative. He was also a founding board member of HSA and a principal partner at Embedded Alley as COO and board director, until the company was acquired by Mentor Graphics in 2009.

James Chen / Huawei Technology

James Chen is VP of System Software for Huawei. He has more than 23 years experience in telecom and system software design, and for the past  6 years has especially focused on OS and Virtualization solutions. James also has strong expertise in helping define corporate vision combined with strategic business planning skills to achieve business success.”