ARM Server Ecosystem Day

Wednesday 17th September, 10.00am to 13:00pm Grand Peninsula D; 2:00pm to 6:00pm Grand Peninsula F

In addition to working on Linux for ARMv8, developers in the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) have been working with open source projects to identify and address gaps in the ARM server ecosystem. For example, we have enabled OpenStack and are even running Hadoop on top of our well optimised OpenJDK JIT. Docker, Go, mongoDB are some of the hot topics we have just added to our list in recent days.

This day is a dedicated ARM Server Ecosystem Day to introduce maintainers and leaders of key open source projects to Linux on ARMv8 servers. While some are already aware of the work that is happening because they’ve been seeing patches, we’re starting to broaden our scope and would like more projects to be aware of and hopefully involved in supporting ARMv8 servers. The goal is to connect Linux/Linaro developers with other project developers so the focus of this event is mainly technical.

If you believe you are amongst the key participants, architects and maintainers of open source projects related to server workloads – IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, virtualization, containers, etc. – we would like to invite you to join us at this unique Ecosystem Day. Fill in the form on the right to apply for a free code to register for this day.

We have very limited space left, but we will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your registration if we can make a space for you.

The video below shows Andrea Gallo, LEG Director, speaking about OpenStack developments on ARMv8 hardware.

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