LCU14 Demo Friday and Summaries

1:00-3:50 pm, Friday 19th September, Grand Peninsula Ballroom

Friday afternoon at Linaro Connect is a unique opportunity to see some of the latest Linux developments on ARM and hear summaries from the Linaro Connect week with insight into what Linaro will be working on in the next engineering cycle. Linaro members, partners and the community also offer interactive demonstrations showcasing ARM-processor-based boards and Linaro builds.

The afternoon begins with the demonstrations and a light buffet lunch, which is followed by summaries from the steering committees and working groups. This is an exciting and educational opportunity for everyone to get a hands on demonstration of what Linaro is enabling with ARM processor-based boards for Linux on ARM.

More about past events can be found at the below links:

Space for guests is limited, but if you are interested in attending this event, please complete the form on the right and we will send you a registration code if we have any remaining spaces.

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