LCU14 Schedule

The LCU14 schedule is now available and can be found here.  Linaro Connect USA 2014 Schedule

Monday 15th September has a mobile theme, beginning with a look at Linaro’s past, present and future by CEO George Grey and then a keynote entitled “What if hardware was more like software? Google’s Project Ara and the democratization of the hardware ecosystem” given by Google Project Ara Director Paul Eremenko. Following the keynotes there will be sessions that talk about ART, Android on ARMv8-A SoCs, a panel discussion on a more open AOSP, power management, Coresight, QEMU and security. The latter of these topics includes a couple of sessions on the open source trusted execution environment (TEE) that ST has released with Linaro’s assistance. The afternoon includes some introductory sessions on a variety of topics including ODP, upstreaming, Xen and ACPI, and embedded systems.

Tuesday 16th September highlights the digital home and leads off with a keynote address entitled “Enabling Internet Speed for Service Providers” from Cisco’s CTO Connected Devices and SP Video Infrastructure, Ken Morse. His address will focus on the changes to the architecture of video delivery and the role of the set-top in the digital connected home. Following the keynote, is a presentation from a DLNA ambassador on secure delivery of Pay TV content throughout the connected home. This is followed by an overview of Android TV and features related to the upcoming Android L release, and wraps up with an in-depth presentation on a Chromium/Bink implementation for RDK taking advantage to the Chromium Embedded Framework.

On Wednesday 17th, the Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) is organizing a dedicated ARM Server Ecosystem Day to introduce maintainers and leaders of key open source projects to Linux on ARMv8 servers. The day kicks off with keynotes from HP’s Linda Knippers and Canonical’s Kiko Reiss, entitled “Fueling HP Moonshot” and “Mythology and Potential of the ARM Server” respectively. While some are already aware of LEG work because they’ve been seeing patches, we’re starting to broaden our scope and would like more projects to be aware of and hopefully involved in supporting ARMv8 servers. The goal is to connect Linux/Linaro developers with other project developers so the focus of this event is mainly technical, but it will also be an opportunity to see the latest 64-bit ARM hardware and software development in this space. Sessions cover topics including Hadoop, OpenJDK, Red Hat, Ubuntu, OpenStack, KVM, Xen and the toolchain.

On Thursday 18th September, the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) is inviting people to attend a day of sessions focusing on accelerating the support of ARM within networking. Dr Christos Kolias, Senior Research Scientist at Orange kicks off the day with an address on Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), how this promises to change the service provider landscape and how it has emerged as one of today’s significant trends. Demos of the latest developments, including implementations of the OpenDataPlane (ODP) on hardware accelerated platforms will complement sessions on topics such as improving performance by keeping the kernel out of the way, LAVA and VLANs, and LTE EPC.

Friday 19th September concludes the week with a packed morning of sessions covering topics from all segments, followed by a keynote by Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin. The afternoon continues with demos and then summaries from the week for the next engineering cycle.

Keynote speakers

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Paul Eremenko
Director of Project Ara at Google

Linda Knippers
Distinguished Technologist at HP

Dr. Christos Kolias
Senior Research Scientist –
Orange Silicon Valley

Dr. Ken Morse
CTO – Connected Devices and
SP Video Infrastructure at Cisco

Christian Reis
VP Hyperscale at Canonical

George Grey

George Grey – Chief Executive Officer

George, Chief Executive Officer, joined Linaro in 2010 bringing a wealth of industry knowledge. Prior to joining Linaro George led software and hardware technology companies for over 25 years, gaining wide ranging expertise in business strategy, product development, sales and marketing. Early in his career he spent 12 years as founder and then CEO of Tadpole Technology plc, a developer of advanced mobile workstations. More recently at SavaJe, a pioneer of Smartphone operating systems, he developed a deep understanding of advanced software technologies, and worked with partners and customers across the entire mobile industry. George has built a reputation for leading and growing technology companies, and brings to Linaro extensive experience in creating innovative products and solutions for global markets. George holds a degree in Electrical Sciences from Cambridge University and resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Keynote Title:  “Linaro Past, Present and Future”

Paul Eremenko

Paul Eremenko – Director of Project Ara at Google

Paul Eremenko is currently director of Project Ara at Google, in the Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) organization. Previously he was an associate vice president at Motorola, where he led the development project of Ara, a project to create a modular hardware ecosystem—rivaling the mobile app ecosystem in pace and level of innovation–around smart phones in an effort to deliver the mobile internet to the next 5 billion people. Paul is also research affiliate at MIT in the Engineering Systems Division.

Prior to joining Motorola and then Google, Paul directed the Tactical Technology Office (TTO) at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s principal engine for disruptive innovation. TTO is DARPA’s systems office responsible for all X plane, spacecraft, ground vehicle, and robotics programs, totaling approximately $500 million annually. Previously, Paul developed and led DARPA’s advanced design and manufacturing program portfolio, and also served as program manager for several space efforts, including the 100 Year Starship.

Earlier in his career, Paul was an aerospace design engineer, the chief engineer for an unmanned aircraft program, and management consultant focusing on technology, innovation, and M&A strategies. He has undergraduate and Master’s degrees in aeronautics from MIT and Caltech, respectively, and law degree from Georgetown University. Paul is also licensed pilot.

Keynote Title: “What if hardware was more like software? Google’s Project Ara and the democratization of the hardware ecosystem.”

Linda Knippers

Linda Knippers – Distinguished Technologist at HP

Linda works in technology and strategy for Linux and Open Source in HP’s Enterprise Group, Server division.

Keynote title: “Fueling HP Moonshot”

Abstract: HP’s participation in Linux and open source communities and organizations and how Linaro/ LEG is enabling HP Moonshot.

Dr. Christos Kolias

Dr. Christos  Kolias – Senior Research Scientist

Christos Kolias is a senior research scientist at Orange Silicon Valley (a subsidiary of Orange). Christos is a co-founder of the ETSI NFV group and had led the formation of ONF’s Wireless & Mobile working group. He has lectured on NFV and SDN at several events. Christos has more than 15 years of experience in networking, he is the originator of Virtual Output Queueing (VOQ) used in packet switching. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA.

Keynote Title:  NFV: Empowering the Network” 

Keynote Abstract:  Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) envisions and promises to change the service provider landscape and has emerged as one of one of today’s significant trends. Although less than two years old, NFV has garnered the industry’s full attention and support. Moving swiftly, a number of key accomplishments have already taken place, and a lot more work is currently under way within ETSI NFV while we are embarking on its future phase. Various proofs-of-concepts (ranging from vEPC to vCPE, vIMS and vCDN) are being developed while issues such as open source and SDN are becoming key ingredients as the can play a pivotal role.

Dr. Ken Morse

Dr. Ken Morse – CTO, Connected Devices and SP Video Infrastructure at Cisco

During the more than 32 years Dr. Ken Morse has been involved in software and hardware development, he has co-founded four companies in the digital video and entertainment space. In his current role as CTO, Connected Devices, Dr. Morse is responsible for ensuring that the company maintains its digital video, data and voice leadership position by driving the embracement of new technologies, architectures and product categories for in-home service provider devices . Prior to this role he was CTO for SP Video Technology Group.

Prior to Cisco, Dr Morse was VP, Client Architecture for Scientific Atlanta and responsible for driving the client architecture of Scientific Atlanta’s software and hardware solutions.

Prior to joining Scientific-Atlanta, Dr. Morse was a co-founder and the CTO of PowerTV, Inc. Here he and his team, along with their set-top partners, brought the first IP-based digital interactive television system to the mass market, providing the software platform and services for over 60 million digital interactive set-tops in North America today.

Prior to working at PowerTV, Dr. Morse was a member of the team that developed the first Hardware Reference Platform for Multi-media consumer electronics devices at Kaleida Labs, an Apple-IBM joint venture. Dr. Morse was also a co-founder of Ultra Digital Systems and MTL where he developed DSP Development systems and video compression schemes for PC multi-media applications.

Dr. Morse’s first foray into business was in 1981 when he received a Commodore Vic-20 and founded a company offering fast loaders and encryption schemes to the software duplicating industry.

He attended the University of Liverpool and holds a Ph.D in Electronic Engineering and a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering. He is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Association for Computing Machinery, and the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers.

Keynote Title:  “Enabling Internet Speed for Service Providers”

Abstract:  As we move into a world where consumers expect to access all their video services on amy device, at any time, in any place, this requires major changes to the architecture of video delivery. In addition, the expectation is for new services to be launched at Internet Speed and not the typical 6 months or longer cycle taken by many new service introductions.

This presentation looks at the changing requirements in the Service Provider Video space and how the architecture is evolving to meet these key needs. In addition, the home is also going through a transformation as these new devices must be enabled for video services and delivery around the home. How does the set-top box compete and evolve with consumer electronics offerings and what role does open source software play in this? All this and more will be discussed as we look at the disruptions, and opportunities, underway in the Service Provider Video space and the role of open source and ARM-based designs.

Christian Reis

Christian Reis – VP Hyperscale at Canonical

At Canonical, Kiko is responsible for next-generation server engagements & technology, including Ubuntu Server for ARM and the     provisioning solution MAAS. Prior to this role, Kiko was assigned as VP Engineering to Linaro, where he participated in the  organization’s conceptualization and creation. Kiko holds an MSc in Software Engineering from USP and resides in São Carlos, Brazil.

Keynote Title:  “Mythology and Potential of the ARM Server”

Keynote Abstract: ARM is the most interesting thing that could happen to servers in decades: a chance to redefine system architecture, form-factor, hardware acceleration, power consumption and the supplier ecosystem.  It’s also a chance to throw away legacy and build the ideal platform  for a post-cloud world (whatever that means) — if we keep our eyes on that goal. This talk is my view on where we are and where we need to be in order to turn opportunity into industry-defining success.  

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