Linaro QEMU 2012.04 released

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The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the release of Linaro QEMU 2012.04.

Linaro QEMU 2012.04 is the latest monthly release of qemu-linaro. Based off upstream (trunk) QEMU, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes and enhancements.

New in this month’s release:

  • ppoll syscall now supported in ARM linux-user mode
  • the SETEND instruction in the Thumb encoding now UNDEFs to match behaviour for the ARM encoding
  • the OMAP36xx UART FIFO status registers are now implemented (thanks to Jan Vesely)

Known issues:

  • Graphics do not work for OMAP3 based models (beagle, overo) with 11.10 Linaro images.
  • Audio may not work on Versatile Express models with the latest Linaro kernel/hardware packs (LP: #977610).

The source tarball is available at:

More information on Linaro QEMU is available at:

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  • Russ Klein

    Hi Fathi,

    Does this release support the V8 architectures? If not, when will this be made available? Thanks!