Linaro QEMU 2011.11 released

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The Linaro Toolchain Working Group is pleased to announce the
release of Linaro QEMU 2011.11.

Linaro QEMU 2011.11 is the latest monthly release of
qemu-linaro. Based off upstream (trunk) QEMU, it includes a
number of ARM-focused bug fixes and enhancements.

New in this month’s release:
– The ARM vexpress-a9, versatilepb, versatileab and realview-*
boards now have audio support (thanks to Mathieu Sonet who
contributed a PL041 implementation upstream)
– Support for multiple instances of the “-sd” option on the
command line has been dropped; this was never present in
upstream QEMU and has been removed for consistency. Use
“-drive,if=sd,index=N,file=file.img” for N=0,1,2… instead
– Fixes LP: #886980: 8 and 16 bit reads from the OMAP GPIO module
would crash due to an infinite recursion
– Fixes LP: #823902: problems running multithreaded programs in
linux-user mode

Known issues:
– Graphics do not work for OMAP3 based models (beagle, overo)
with 11.10 Linaro images.
– This release of qemu-linaro is known not to work on ARM hosts.
(See LP: #883133, #883136)

NB: if you run QEMU on a host system without properly configured
audio you might find that QEMU now hangs at some point; you can
fix this by fixing your host system, or work around it by setting
the environment variable QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=none.
If you build from source you may now want to pass configure
a suitable –audio-drv-list=LIST option.

The source tarball is available at:

Binary builds of this qemu-linaro release are being prepared and
will be available shortly for users of Ubuntu. Packages will be in
the linaro-maintainers tools ppa:

More information on Linaro QEMU is available at:

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