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The Linaro Android team automatically test daily platform builds on our LAVA server[1], but what's less well known is that we can also run Android tests locally using lava-android-test[2]. I tried this out in order to debug a new benchmark I wanted to add, and it turns out that creating a mini version of validation.linaro.org is remarkably easy. It's as simple as getting a board powered up and available to adb, installing the tool and then running three commands to install, run and parse the results of your test case.

LAVA on a laptop

LAVA on a laptop

Get lava-android-test
There are two options here, Ubuntu users can use the validation team’s ppa[3]:
sudo apt-get install lava-android-test.
Hackers can install from source into a python virtualenv:
sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv
virtualenv lava-android-test-env
. lava-android-test-env/bin/activate
bzr branch lp:lava-android-test
cd lava-android-test
python setup.py install

List available tests
lava-android-test list-tests

Install the test you want to run
lava-android-test install toolchain-benchmark -o <options> -s <adb device id>

Run the test
lava-android-test run toolchain-benchmark
This will output the test results file name.

Parse the results
lava-android-test parse <test results file name>

[1] Linaro Validation Server http://validation.linaro.org
[2] Lava Android Test Runner https://launchpad.net/lava-android-test
[3] Lava team PPA https://launchpad.net/~linaro-validation/+archive/ppa

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  • Zygmunt Krynicki

    You should _never_ run sudo python setup.py install, that’s bound to break your system and make your hair gray.

    $ sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv
    $ virtualenv some-stuff
    $ . some-stuff/bin/activate
    (some-stuff)$ bzr branch lp:lava-android-test
    (some-stuff)$ cd lava-android-test
    (some-stuff)$ python setup.py install
    (some-stuff)$ lava-android-test –help
    (some-stuff)$ deactivate

    No root, no crap installed globally, no chance to break your system

    • Frans Gifford

      Nice, I’ll update the post to include that info.