First Android LEB available on Snowball


Another quarter has passed, another face-to-face summit is ongoing within Linaro and the team has once again impressive achievements to show!

At ST-Ericsson we are particularly excited about the availability of the latest 3.0 Linux kernel on Snowball – fully integrated in the LAVA environment too!

Not enough?

Let’s add then the first Android LEB being available on Snowball, not only based on the 3.0 kernel but also built with the 4.6 GCC toolchain. A “world first” from all points of view.

This is once again confirming that Linaro is delivering value to its members in line with its mission: the latest Linux kernel, the latest tools, optimized for the latest ARM cores and fully validated on the latest hardware from its members.

Simply awesome!

Congratulations to the ST-Ericsson Landing Team!

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  • Alison Chaiken

    Does Snowball now have a BSP with HW-accelerated graphic support?

  • philippe cavenel


    Sounds good to me !

    Now where can we download the kernel image just to make a try ?

    At that time, Android image is not available at igloo community, and the one available in linaro community doesn’t boot at all. Ubuntu image doesn’t manage video output….so on my point of view, it’s not enough…

    Hope we will get soon something for testing.

    Best Regards,

    • Andrea Gallo


      please have a look at where there is new source code available!

      best regards