22 Aug 2013 – LAVA Team meeting – LIVE demos


In this week’s LAVA team meeting, the LAVA team opens a beta program for new git service (integrated with an optional code-review system/Gerrit), shows you where to learn about multi-node, introduces the new concept of an Image Report Editor, demos a lightweight bootloader class for netbooting lava-test-shell and discusses the use of Jenkins + LAVA to verify LAVA.

Review the summary below and check it out on Youtube:  22 Aug 2013 LAVA Weekly Team Meeting OnAir Broadcast

Beta testing staging.git.l.o & staging.review.l.o by Milo Casagrande

Guide to multi-node documentation by Neil Williams

  • Multinode & the use of timeouts
  • Simultaneously driving many targets with a single dispatcher can create interesting system loads
    • LAVA before multi-node can run well on a minimal HW & VMs
    • Multi-node LAVA jobs can increase the load for LAVA dispatchers due to the high IO & high cpu utilization during the dispatcher-side image decompression (tgz/gunzip/…).
    • LAVA Administrators will need to carefully monitor and adjust resources as necessary.

Image Report Editor by Stevan Radakovic

  • An abstraction layer to provide the ability to create and combine mulitple LAVA filters and produce customized/targeted Image Reports that help the test administrator share the results they want to with more flexibility and power.
  • Where do I get more information (i.e. cards.l.o)

Bootloader/lava-test-shell & LAVA Continuous Integration by Tyler Baker

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