The Linaro Android Platform Team, Period Feb. 02 to Feb. 16

Wow! Talk about having everything at the same place! Redwood City has for the past two weeks harbored a unique concentration of Linux and Android Professionals (I almost wrote “geeks” :)) At Connect we planned the next quarter of Linaro work while on the same time got a lot of work done. At Android Builders Summit we met fellow Android people, some of them as far away from as outside the ARM universe 🙂 and got more work done. At Embedded Linux Conference we worked some more and mingled with the superstars of Linux. Intense!

Here’s a list of this weeks major achievements.

Key Points for wider discussion

  • Talks held at Android Builders Summit and Embedded Linux Conference.
  • iMX6 up and running..

Team Highlights

  • iMX6 support added to linaro-image-tools.
  • Toolchain 12.02 released.
  • binutils, gmp 5.0.4 and cloog 0.17.0 merged into toolchain.
  • ffmpeg updated to 0.10.
  • Initial gcc 4.7 toolchain builds set up.
  • Transform of test results sheets done.
  • Progress on USB camera support for snowball.
  • Audio and Wlan hw2.1.1 support for Origen.
  • Completed the video playback HW acceleration on Origen.

Bugs fixed


  • Connect q1-12, Android Builders Summit and Embedded Linux Conference – Two intense weeks of collaboration!


  • none


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