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One of the best places to go to find out what Linaro is working on in the Linux kernel is To get the full value, you need to subscribe and keep a daily watch on it. LWN has been going since 1998 and so I estimate they have already delivered over 830 weekly editions, but the number of postings is significantly higher. Following a site redesign in May 2002, it appears that they have generated close to 600,000 postings (note that each comment on an article, as well as the original article, has a unique URL and counts as a posting), which would be an average of about 140 a day. Finding older postings is challenging not only because of this quantity, but also because the search engine ‘remains relatively primitive; search terms are alphanumeric strings (with “-” and “_” as well); there is no quoting or any sort of special qualifiers (like “+word”). We’ll make it better someday, we promise.’

To help with this, I have created an index to articles on LWN that mention Linaro (including ones with comments from a Linaro email address). This does not include links directly to comments on the parent postings, only ones to the parent postings. The one duplication I have kept is where Linaro is headlined on one of the weekly editions, these then link into the individual posting (in these cases, the LWN category is “Front” for Front Page). The index is contained in the table at the end of this post; you can sort it by clicking on the column headings.

LWN search results april 2014

Since Linaro was founded in June 2010, the number of LWN articles mentioning the organization has increased steadily. This increase reflects Linaro’s growth in terms of  members and areas in which it is working. Coverage began with the launch of Linaro and explanations of how it would work and this was rapidly replaced by discussions of key areas that Linaro was focusing on, including Device Tree, clock code, kernel consolidation, toolchain, power management and memory management. In the last couple of years, this coverage has grown to include discussions about ARM big.LITTLE and the scheduler, virtualization, 64-bit ARMv8, and more of our members’ activities.

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Date Title LWN Category
03/06/2010 The Linaro consortium debuts Announcements
03/06/2010 FSF vs. Apple; Linaro; MeeGo 1.0 Front
03/06/2010 OpenSUSE searches for its strategy; Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 released; Shuttleworth on Linaro; Robby Workman interview; Fedora 14 features. Distributions
03/06/2010 KDE e.V. offers supporting memberships; The Linaro consortium; Next3; WebM gets a new license; Geist: The Canadian Copyright Bill… Announcements
03/06/2010 Shuttleworth: Linaro: Accelerating Linux on ARM Distributions
03/06/2010 Mark’s interpretation Announcements
04/06/2010 So Ubuntu has new friends Distributions
09/06/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #196  Distributions
09/06/2010 Linaro seeks to simplify ARM Linux landscape Front
11/06/2010 OT: Alternative to Meego for N900 etc.? Front
16/06/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #197  Distributions
21/06/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #198  Distributions
24/06/2010 Bug tracking and source repository Front
22/07/2010 Ubuntu Front
03/08/2010 Attempted summary of suspend-blockers LKML thread  Kernel
10/08/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #205  Distributions
17/08/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #206  Distributions
24/08/2010 Announcing the Linaro 2.6.35 “stable” kernel  Kernel
26/08/2010 Program announced for Embedded Linux Conference Europe Announcements
01/09/2010 Bits from ARM porters Distributions
01/09/2010 CE Linux Forum Newsletter: August 2010 Announcements
08/09/2010 Debian Project News – September 8th, 2010  Distributions
10/09/2010 A bit late Kernel
15/09/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #210  Distributions
15/09/2010 Shuttleworth: Reflections on Ubuntu, Canonical and the march to free software adoption Distributions
17/09/2010 Posix CLOCK_RTC interface proof of concept  Kernel
22/09/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #211  Distributions
27/09/2010 Ubuntu Weekly newsletter #212  Distributions
18/10/2010 [RFC] A posix clock/timer interface to the RTC  Kernel
20/10/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 214  Distributions
27/10/2010 CELF is joining the Linux Foundation Announcements
28/10/2010 Yocto Project aims to standardize embedded Linux builds ( Development
03/11/2010 A short summary of UDS-N Distributions
03/11/2010 Posix interface for RTC (v2)  Kernel
04/11/2010 Embedded Linux Flag Version  Kernel
10/11/2010 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #217  Distributions
10/11/2010 Linaro 10.11 released Kernel
11/11/2010 ELCE: Grant Likely on device trees Kernel
12/11/2010 MeeGo, Canonical partners, Red Hat’s Patent Deal, Linaro advances Linux on ARM, … Announcements
12/11/2010 Linaro group advances Linux on ARM with 10.11 release (ars technica) Announcements
18/11/2010 Linaro group advances Linux on ARM with 11.10 release (ars technica) Announcements
19/11/2010 Reworked RTC layer & Alarm timers  Kernel
08/12/2010 The 2010 Linux and free software timeline – Q2 Front
08/12/2010 Interesting kernel exploit posted Kernel
12/12/2010 Zimmerman: Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 10 for December 2010 Distributions
14/12/2010 Linux Embeds Itself Yet Further (ComputerWorld) Announcements
16/12/2010 [RFC] Introduce CLOCK_BOOTTIME  Kernel
22/12/2010 Re: Freescale Linux BSP review  Kernel
30/12/2010 [PATCH 1/2] stackprotector: add stack smashing protector generic implementation  Kernel
30/12/2010 Read THREAD_CPUTIME clock from other processes.  Kernel
04/01/2011 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 218  Distributions
05/01/2011 Common struct clk implementation, v10  Kernel
06/01/2011 A 2010 retrospective Front
10/01/2011 Posix Alarm Timers full patchset  Kernel
19/01/2011 Basic ARM device tree support  Kernel
27/01/2011 ptp: IEEE 1588 hardware clock support  Kernel
31/01/2011 add pwmlib support  Kernel
31/01/2011 Basic ARM device support  Kernel
01/02/2011 Add CLOCK_BOOTTIME functionality  Kernel
06/02/2011 Device Tree on ARM status report  Kernel
09/02/2011 Common struct clk implementation, v12  Kernel
10/02/2011 The Tools Announcements
12/02/2011 Basic ARM devicetree support  Kernel
16/02/2011 Introduce CLOCK_BOOTTIME  Kernel
19/02/2011 Optimizing Linux with cheap flash drives Kernel
21/02/2011 Common struct clk implementation, v13  Kernel
02/03/2011 Bits from ARM and Embedded Sprint Distributions
03/03/2011 Common struct clk implementation, v14  Kernel
07/03/2011 An RCU for SMP with a single CPU garbage collector  Kernel
09/03/2011 hwmem: Hardware memory driver  Kernel
14/03/2011 PLATFORM: Support for async platform_data  Kernel
18/03/2011 pm8921 core and subdevices  Kernel
22/03/2011 Report from the V4L2 Warsaw Brainstorming Meeting Kernel
23/03/2011 ELC 2011 program announced Announcements
29/03/2011 staging: Add ST-Ericsson CG2900 driver  Kernel
29/03/2011 RFC: Platform data for onboard USB assets  Kernel
29/03/2011 Re: [RFC] usbnet: use eth%d name for known ethernet devices  Kernel
29/03/2011 Re: RFC: Platform data for onboard USB assets  Kernel
01/04/2011 Google’s iron grip on Android already loosened Announcements
06/04/2011 Re: [GIT PULL] omap changes for v2.6.39 merge window  Kernel
07/04/2011 Yocto 1.0 Released Distributions
13/04/2011 LFCS: ARM, control groups, and the next 20 years Collaboration Summit
18/04/2011 Rationalizing the ARM tree; Power management work at Linaro; Safely swapping over the net. Kernel
19/04/2011 FVWM 2.6; GNOME 3.2, Linaro toolchain,, … Kernel
20/04/2011 gpio: add pin biasing and drive mode to gpiolib  Kernel
20/04/2011 ELC: Linaro power management work Development
20/04/2011 Re: Status of arch/arm in linux-next  Embedded Linux Conference
20/04/2011 Posix Alarm Timers  Kernel
20/04/2011 Linaro ARM optimized toolchain for Android technical preview Development
26/04/2011 Virtual Battery Driver  Kernel
26/04/2011 [RFC] ARM DMA mapping TODO, v1  Kernel
02/05/2011 ARM: Basic Xilinx Support  Kernel
04/05/2011 Re: [Linaro-mm-sig] [RFC] ARM DMA mapping TODO, v1  Kernel
11/05/2011 drivers: create a pinmux subsystem v2  Kernel
11/05/2011 Re: Fix powerTOP regression with 2.6.39-rc5  Kernel
17/05/2011 Mark Shuttleworth on companies and free software Front
18/05/2011 ARM kernel consolidation Linaro Developers Summit
18/05/2011 [RFC] ARM Subarchitecture group maintainership  Kernel
18/05/2011 Re: [PATCH 0/4] v6 Improve task->comm locking situation  Kernel
20/05/2011 Updates from Linaro; Examining MeeGo’s openness and transparency; and contributor agreements. Kernel
25/05/2011 Add a generic struct clk  Front
25/05/2011 Updates from Linaro Linaro Developers Summit
25/05/2011 George Grey at Linaro Developer Summit Budapest Front
25/05/2011 Christian “Kiko” Reis at Linaro Developer Summit Budapest Front
25/05/2011 ARM: DMA-mapping & IOMMU integration  Kernel
27/05/2011 mm: Linux VM Infrastructure to support Memory Power Management  Kernel
27/05/2011 Linaro plan reviews (May 31st to June 8th)  Announcements
31/05/2011 Linux Foundation Monthly Newsletter: May 2011 Announcements
02/06/2011 Linaro 11.05 released  Kernel
02/06/2011 Linaro Kernel 2011.05-2.6.38 Snapshot Released Distributions
07/06/2011 Re: [PATCH 00/10] mm: Linux VM Infrastructure to support Memory Power Management  Kernel
09/06/2011 [v4] drivers/virt: introduce Freescale hypervisor management driver  Kernel
13/06/2011 Contiguous Memory Allocator  Kernel
13/06/2011 HSI framework and drivers  Kernel
13/06/2011 (early draft) dt: Linux dt usage model documentation  Kernel
13/06/2011 input: add support for mma8450 accelerometer  Kernel
14/06/2011 drivers: create a pinmux subsystem v3  Kernel
14/06/2011 Re: [PATCH 08/10] mm: cma: Contiguous Memory Allocator added  Kernel
15/06/2011 Taylor: Benchmarking compositor performance Development
16/06/2011 Full device tree support for ARM Versatile  Kernel
16/06/2011 arm: add Faraday SoC A320  Kernel
16/06/2011 Add Arm cpu topology definition  Kernel
20/06/2011 mmc: use nonblock mmc requests to minimize latency  Kernel
20/06/2011 ARM: DMA-mapping framework redesign  Kernel
21/06/2011 dt: Device creation infrastructure  Kernel
22/06/2011 Re: More pinmux feedback, and GPIO vs. pinmux interaction  Kernel
22/06/2011 Nokia’s N9 handset launched Announcements
26/06/2011 Add basic device support for imx51 babbage  Kernel
28/06/2011 implement a generic PWM framework – once again  Kernel
28/06/2011 LinuxCon/ELC Europe CFP deadline is July 8 Announcements
30/06/2011 implement a generic PWM framework  Kernel
01/07/2011 input/touchscreen: Synaptics RMI4 Touchscreen Driver  Kernel
05/07/2011 Re: [PATCH 4/8] mm: MIGRATE_CMA migration type added  Kernel
05/07/2011 Re: [PATCH 6/8] drivers: add Contiguous Memory Allocator  Kernel
06/07/2011 Fedora reexamines “trusted boot” Security
07/07/2011 Re: [PATCH 1/3] PWM: add pwm framework support  Kernel
07/07/2011 ARM: common idle infrastructure  Kernel
19/07/2011 Anonymous shared memory (ashmem) subsystem  Kernel
20/07/2011 [PATCH rcu/urgent 0/6] Fixes for RCU/scheduler/irq-threads trainwreck  Kernel
23/07/2011 DMAEngine: Define generic transfer request api  Kernel
02/08/2011 DebConf11 ends as another success for the Debian Project Distributions
15/08/2011 slimbus: Linux driver framework for SLIMbus.  Kernel
15/08/2011 ARM: mmp: add audio sram support  Kernel
15/08/2011 Buffer sharing proof-of-concept  Kernel
21/08/2011 pin controller subsystem v4  Kernel
23/08/2011 add the GPMI controller driver for IMX23/IMX28  Kernel
24/08/2011 Memory mapped virtio device  Kernel
25/08/2011 Linux Plumbers fail Kernel
26/08/2011 Introduce a led trigger for CPU activity and consolidate LED driver in ARM  Kernel
07/09/2011 Preview of RCU changes for 3.2  Kernel
08/09/2011 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 231  Distributions
08/09/2011 RFC: omapdrm DRM/KMS driver for TI OMAP platforms  Kernel
09/09/2011 Worth a read Kernel
09/09/2011 Intel denies giving up on MeeGo, but that doesn’t mean much (Ars technica) Distributions
15/09/2011 Gosh Kernel
16/09/2011 pin controller subsystem v7  Kernel
20/09/2011 RFCv2: omapdrm DRM/KMS driver for TI OMAP platforms  Kernel
20/09/2011 Proposal for a low-level Linux display framework  Kernel
20/09/2011 Re: Proposal for a low-level Linux display framework  Kernel
26/09/2011 drivercore: Add driver probe deferral mechanism  Kernel
27/09/2011 [RFC] Proposal for optimistic suspend idea.  Kernel
27/09/2011 Re: [PATCH 0/6] [RFC] Proposal for optimistic suspend idea.  Kernel
28/09/2011 DMAEngine: Define interleaved transfer request api  Kernel
28/09/2011 drivers: create a pin control subsystem v8  Kernel
01/10/2011 Current best guess at Android suspend-blocker requirements Kernel
07/10/2011 Driver Probe Deferral Mechanism  Kernel
07/10/2011 MeeGo becomes Tizen – maybe Front
10/10/2011 Device tree support for regulators  Kernel
11/10/2011 Introduce dma buffer sharing mechanism  Kernel
11/10/2011 IIO: Proof of concept in kernel interface.  Kernel
17/10/2011 dmaengine: add CSR SiRFprimaII DMAC driver  Kernel
17/10/2011 drivers: create a pin control subsystem  Kernel
17/10/2011 PM / Sleep: Extended control of suspend/hibernate interfaces  Kernel
18/10/2011 Re: [RFC][PATCH 0/2] PM / Sleep: Extended control of suspend/hibernate interfaces  Kernel
18/10/2011 Precise open for development Distributions
18/10/2011 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 237  Distributions
25/10/2011 lsusd – The Linux SUSpend Daemon  Kernel
30/10/2011 The embedded long-term support initiative Kernel
31/10/2011 Linaro Kernel October 2011 Release  Kernel
05/11/2011 The 2010 Linux and free software timeline Front
07/11/2011 IIO: Out of staging step 1: The core  Kernel
09/11/2011 drm: add plane support  Kernel
14/11/2011 timekeeping: Decouple xtime_lock from xtime seqcount  Kernel
14/11/2011 pinctrl: add a generic pin config interface  Kernel
16/11/2011 drm: add plane support v2  Kernel
16/11/2011 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 241  Distributions
21/11/2011 XSHM: Shared Memory Driver for ST-E Thor M7400 LTE modem  Kernel
22/11/2011 common clk framework  Kernel
22/11/2011 [RFC] fadvise: Add _VOLATILE,_ISVOLATILE, and _NONVOLATILE flags  Kernel
22/11/2011 Re: [PATCH] [RFC] fadvise: Add _VOLATILE,_ISVOLATILE, and _NONVOLATILE flags  Kernel
29/11/2011 2011 Linux and free software timeline – Q2 Distributions
30/11/2011 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 243  Kernel
06/12/2011 Xen port to Cortex-A15 / ARMv7 with virt extensions  Kernel
07/12/2011 leds: driver for ab5500 high voltage leds  Front
07/12/2011 Re: [PATCH] ata: Don’t use NO_IRQ in pata_of_platform driver  Kernel
09/12/2011 Creative Commons 4.0 process starts, Linaro Community Contributor Process, 2011: The Year of Linux Disappointments, … Announcements
12/12/2011 [RFC] pinctrl: add a driver for Energy Micro’s efm32 SoCs  Kernel
12/12/2011 pinctrl: add a pin config interface  Kernel
12/12/2011 The Linaro Community Contributor Process Announcements
20/12/2011 Android mainlining project  Kernel
21/12/2011 coupled cpuidle state support  Kernel
21/12/2011 thermal: exynos: Add kernel thermal support for exynos platform  Kernel
21/12/2011 [PATCH 0/7] RFC: convert OMAP to common struct clk  Kernel
21/12/2011 [PATCH v4 4/6] clk: introduce rate change notifiers  Kernel
23/12/2011 DMA-mapping framework redesign preparation  Kernel
02/01/2012 [RFC][PATCH 0/4] lcd: platform-lcd: Add lcd panel and device tree support  Kernel
04/01/2012 Status of arm-soc.git for 3.2  Kernel
09/01/2012 Multithread initcalls to auto-resolve ordering issues.  Kernel
10/01/2012 [git pull] dma-buf tree  Kernel
11/01/2012 Re: [PATCH] x86,sched: Fix sched_smt_power_savings totally broken  Kernel
11/01/2012 introduce External Connector Class (extcon)  Kernel
11/01/2012 modem_shm: Driver for ST-E Thor M7400 LTE modem  Kernel
11/01/2012 Re: RFC: android logger feedback request  Kernel
17/01/2012 sched: unified sched_powersavings tunables  Kernel
18/01/2012 LCA: The past, present, and future of Ubuntu on ARM
18/01/2012 Expanding the use of DMA buffers in 3.3  Kernel
20/01/2012 pinctrl: add a driver for NVIDIA Tegra  Kernel
25/01/2012 Re: [PATCH] dma-buf: Use EXPORT_SYMBOL  Kernel
25/01/2012 Linaro Connect Q2.12 Announcements
30/01/2012 PASR: Partial Array Self-Refresh Framework  Kernel
01/02/2012 RCU commits for 3.4  Kernel
02/02/2012 Format string vulnerabilities Security
07/02/2012 PM: Implement autosleep and “wake locks”  Kernel
08/02/2012 Re: [RFCv1 0/6] PASR: Partial Array Self-Refresh Framework  Kernel
08/02/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 251  Distributions
08/02/2012 Scheduler idle notifiers and users  Kernel
13/02/2012 [PATCH v5 0/3] fadvise: support POSIX_FADV_NOREUSE  Kernel
13/02/2012 rcu: direct algorithmic SRCU implementation  Kernel
17/02/2012 Short sleeps suffering from slack; The Linaro Connect scheduler minisummit; Subtle interactions in the embedded world. Kernel
20/02/2012 Kernel Display and Video API Consolidation mini-summit at ELC 2012 – Notes  Kernel
21/02/2012 The Linaro Connect scheduler minisummit Distributions
22/02/2012 pinctrl: API change, config in mapping table  Kernel
22/02/2012 Ubuntu for Android Linaro Connect
22/02/2012 PM: Implement autosleep and “wake locks”, take 2  Kernel
22/02/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 253  Distributions
23/02/2012 FOSDEM: Multiarch on Debian and Ubuntu Distributions
23/02/2012 [PATCH-WIP 00/13] xen/arm: receive Xen events and initialize xenbus  Distributions
24/02/2012 Use Logging FS to avoid random writes? Kernel
24/02/2012 [SCSI] ufshcd: UFS Host Controller Driver  Kernel
28/02/2012 hrtimers: system-wide and per-task hrtimer slacks  Kernel
28/02/2012 pinctrl: API rework, pinconfig in mapping table, …  Kernel
29/02/2012 AB8500 Battery Management Driver  Kernel
29/02/2012 Consolidate cpuidle functionality  Kernel
02/03/2012 [RFC] kernel cpu access support for dma_buf  Kernel
02/03/2012 mfd: Add anatop mfd driver  Kernel
02/03/2012 Reduce timekeeping lock hold time v2  Kernel
06/03/2012 Raspberry Pi interview: Eben Upton reveals all (Linux User) Announcements
06/03/2012 srcu: implement call_srcu()  Kernel
07/03/2012 Pre-merge-window status of the arm-soc tree  Kernel
08/03/2012 Statistics for the 3.3 development cycle Kernel
08/03/2012 Linaro Kernel
08/03/2012 Nohz cpusets (adaptive tickless kernel) v2-pre-20120308  Kernel
09/03/2012 Regulator: Add Anatop regulator driver  Kernel
13/03/2012 Integration of videobuf2 with dmabuf  Kernel
14/03/2012 [PATCHv23 00/16] Contiguous Memory Allocator  Kernel
16/03/2012 RFC: dma-buf: userspace mmap support  Kernel
16/03/2012 [RFC] Volatile ranges (v4)  Kernel
19/03/2012 rtc: add support for Freescale SNVS RTC  Kernel
19/03/2012 rcu: implement call_srcu()  Kernel
19/03/2012 The 3.3 kernel is out Kernel
21/03/2012 Nohz cpusets v2 (adaptive tickless kernel)  Kernel
22/03/2012 Fedora mulls ARM as a primary architecture Front
23/03/2012 The N9: what MeeGo could have been Front
26/03/2012 [PATCH v3 0/2] Add lcd driver for panels with gpio controlled panel reset  Kernel
27/03/2012 rcu: Make __rcu_read_lock() inlinable  Kernel
31/03/2012 dma-buf-sharing.txt Distributions
03/04/2012 The missed opportunity Kernel
07/04/2012 [RFC] Volatile Ranges (v6)  Kernel
15/04/2012 ARM: replace custom consistent dma region with vmalloc  Kernel
15/04/2012 [PATCH RFC 0/7] rcu: v2 Inlinable preemptible rcu_read_lock() and rcu_read_unlock()  Kernel
16/04/2012 Volatile Ranges (v7)  Kernel
18/04/2012 [FS, MM, block, MMC]: eMMC High Priority Interrupt Feature  Kernel
18/04/2012 dma-buf: mmap support  Kernel
20/04/2012 cpuidle: allow per cpu latencies  Kernel
23/04/2012 PM: Implement autosleep and “wake locks”, take 3  Kernel
24/04/2012 Volatile Ranges  Kernel
01/05/2012 [PATCH v2 00/12] V4L: Exynos 4×12 camera host interface (FIMC-LITE) driver  Kernel
01/05/2012 Nohz cpusets v3 (adaptive tickless kernel)  Kernel
01/05/2012 epoll: Add a flag, EPOLLWAKEUP, to prevent suspend while epoll events are ready  Kernel
01/05/2012 The wealth of big name choice Distributions
02/05/2012 Re: [PATCH RFC tip/core/rcu 4/6] rcu: Clarify help text for RCU_BOOST_PRIO  Kernel
02/05/2012 Quantal open for development Distributions
07/05/2012 [PATCH] pinctrl: Add generic pinctrl-simple driver that supports omap2+ padconf  Kernel
09/05/2012 Making ARM multiplatform kernels DT-only?  Kernel
09/05/2012 Re: Making ARM multiplatform kernels DT-only?  Kernel
10/05/2012 Supporting multi-platform ARM kernels Kernel
10/05/2012 Statistics from the 3.4 development cycle Kernel
11/05/2012 Winter is coming Kernel
13/05/2012 [PATCH 0/11] Merge ramoops and persistent_ram, generic pstore RAM backend  Kernel
15/05/2012 pinctrl: pinctrl-imx: add imx53 pinctrl driver  Kernel
17/05/2012 ARM: DMA-mapping: new extensions for buffer sharing  Kernel
19/05/2012 Merge ram_console into pstore, and more  Kernel
21/05/2012 Fix leap seconds and add tai clock  Kernel
23/05/2012 Re: [RFC][PATCH 00/32] Nohz cpusets v2 (adaptive tickless kernel)  Kernel
25/05/2012 pinctrl: add support for samsung pinctrl driver  Kernel
26/05/2012 [RFC] Fallocate Volatile Ranges  Kernel
29/05/2012 [RFC] Synchronizing access to buffers shared with dma-buf between drivers/devices  Kernel
31/05/2012 Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine  Distributions
02/06/2012 [RFC] Fallocate Volatile Ranges v3  Kernel
05/06/2012 ivring: Add IVRing driver  Kernel
06/06/2012 [PATCH/RFC 0/2] ARM: DMA-mapping: new extensions for buffer sharing (part 2)  Kernel
07/06/2012 [RFC] Generic Red-Black Trees: search, insert & remove  Kernel
10/06/2012 Chris Mason leaving Oracle Kernel
11/06/2012 Per SoC descriptor  Kernel
11/06/2012 nohz: Generalize nohz APIs for adaptive tickless  Kernel
12/06/2012 ARM: topology: set the capacity of each cores for big.LITTLE  Kernel
13/06/2012 [RFC] Fallocate Volatile Ranges v4  Kernel
13/06/2012 pstore/ram: Add ramoops support for the Flattened Device Tree.  Kernel
13/06/2012 nohz: Basic cputime accounting for adaptive tickless  Kernel
18/06/2012 Support for dmabuf exporting for videobuf2  Kernel
18/06/2012 block: Context support  Kernel
18/06/2012 Re: [PATCH 2/3] ext4: Context support  Kernel
19/06/2012 Support for ‘Coda’ video codec IP.  Kernel
21/06/2012 A big.LITTLE scheduler update Kernel
22/06/2012 Supporting block I/O contexts Kernel
22/06/2012 STE-modem remoteproc driver  Kernel
22/06/2012 [PATCH tip/core/rcu 0/22] v2 Improvements to rcu_barrier() and RT response on big systems  Kernel
27/06/2012 Function tracing support for pstore  Kernel
27/06/2012 Fallocate Volatile Ranges v5  Kernel
27/06/2012 ARM: imx: Add basic imx6q thermal driver  Kernel
28/06/2012 Displaying QR codes for kernel crashes Kernel
28/06/2012 CFS per-entity load tracking Kernel
02/07/2012 An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review; FSF on secure boot, Linaro, Oracle, … Kernel
02/07/2012 Re: [PATCH 0/2][RFC] Potential fix for leapsecond caused futex issue (v2)  Kernel
03/07/2012 Potential fix for leapsecond caused futex issue (v2)  Kernel
03/07/2012 Document no_new_privs  Distributions
04/07/2012 Linaro 12.06 released Distributions
06/07/2012 KGDB/KDB FIQ (NMI) debugger  Kernel
10/07/2012 Add support for ‘Coda’ video codec IP.  Kernel
10/07/2012 Dmabuf synchronization  Kernel
10/07/2012 Re: [PATCH 00/36] AArch64 Linux kernel port  Kernel
12/07/2012 dma-fence: dma-buf synchronization  Kernel
17/07/2012 An early CyanogenMod 9.0 review Distributions
25/07/2012 Introducing the TI Keystone platform  Kernel
26/07/2012 KDB: Kiosk (reduced capabilities) mode  Kernel
26/07/2012 Introduce Xen support on ARM  Kernel
27/07/2012 dma-fence: dma-buf synchronization (v5)  Kernel
30/07/2012 Fallocate Volatile Ranges v6  Kernel
07/08/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 277  Distributions
08/08/2012 dma-fence: dma-buf synchronization (v7)  Kernel
12/08/2012 pinctrl: mvebu: pinctrl driver  Kernel
13/08/2012 ST-Ericsson dbx500 thermal driver  Kernel
16/08/2012 Userspace low memory killer daemon  Kernel
19/08/2012 input: Synaptics RMI4 Touchscreen Driver  Kernel
20/08/2012 [RFC] reentrancy in the common clk framework  Kernel
20/08/2012 Generic panel framework  Kernel
20/08/2012 [discussion]sched: a rough proposal to enable power saving in scheduler  Kernel
20/08/2012 Re: [discussion]sched: a rough proposal to enable power saving in scheduler  Kernel
22/08/2012 Re: [PATCH] fs: Introducing Lanyard Filesystem  Kernel
24/08/2012 sched: per-entity load-tracking  Kernel
27/08/2012 add syscon driver based on regmap for general registers access  Kernel
27/08/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 280  Distributions
30/08/2012 [PATCH tip/core/rcu 0/23] Improvements to RT response on big systems and expedited functions  Kernel
31/08/2012 idle-related changes  Kernel
03/09/2012 Deferrable timers support for timerfd API  Kernel
05/09/2012 Add ST-Ericsson U9540 support  Kernel
06/09/2012 Add callback-free CPUs  Kernel
06/09/2012 ARM: multiplatform: rename all mach headers  Kernel
06/09/2012 Buildroot 2012.08 released Distributions
06/09/2012 ROSA Desktop 2012: Alpha-version  Distributions
07/09/2012 First HREF Device Tree enablement patch-set  Kernel
10/09/2012 Initial multi-platform support  Kernel
10/09/2012 The 2012 Kernel Summit Kernel
11/09/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 282  Distributions
12/09/2012 Bazaar on the slow track Development
12/09/2012 Per sub-architecture SMP operations  Kernel
14/09/2012 dmaengine: add dmanegine slave map api’s  Kernel
14/09/2012 Introduce Xen support on ARM (based on 3.6-rc5)  Kernel
15/09/2012 Re: [PATCH 2/3] fadvise: Add _VOLATILE,_ISVOLATILE, and _NONVOLATILE flags  Kernel
17/09/2012 KVM/ARM Implementation  Kernel
19/09/2012 remoteproc: Add STE modem driver for remoteproc  Kernel
19/09/2012 ARM: augment cache flushing API  Kernel
19/09/2012 First alpha of Mandriva Linux 2012 now available (The H) Distributions
19/09/2012 Mandriva Linux 2012 Alpha Distributions
20/09/2012 [PATCH tip/core/rcu 0/23] v2 Improvements to RT response on big systems and expedited functions  Kernel
24/09/2012 devfreq: Add support for devices which can idle  Kernel
24/09/2012 sched: Task placement for heterogeneous MP systems  Kernel
24/09/2012 Android netfilter patches  Kernel
26/09/2012 Re: rcu self-detected stall messages on OMAP3, 4 boards  Kernel
01/10/2012 Volatile Ranges (v7) & Lots of words  Kernel
01/10/2012 gpio: Add a block GPIO API to gpiolib  Kernel
04/10/2012 vmevent: Implement pressure attribute  Kernel
05/10/2012 How 3.6 nearly broke PostgreSQL Kernel
07/10/2012 sched: packing small tasks Kernel
10/10/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 286  Distributions
10/10/2012 Provide basic support for the u9540  Kernel
10/10/2012 MeeGo to return next month with Jolla phone launch (The H) Announcements
14/10/2012 gpio: Add block GPIO  Kernel
15/10/2012 virtio_console: Add rproc_serial driver  Kernel
15/10/2012 Boottime: A tool for automatic measurement of kernel/bootloader boot time  Kernel
16/10/2012 mfd: add viperboard driver  Kernel
16/10/2012 Documentation/thermal/cpu-cooling-api.txt Kernel
17/10/2012 ARM: KDB FIQ debugger  Kernel
17/10/2012 Re: [PATCH] Fix scheduling-while-atomic problem in console_cpu_notify()  Kernel
17/10/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 287  Distributions
18/10/2012 An f2fs teardown Kernel
18/10/2012 dma: add new DMA control commands  Kernel
18/10/2012 pwm: add spear pwm driver support  Kernel
18/10/2012 Add generic driver for on-chip SRAM  Kernel
18/10/2012 power_supply: Introduce charging Framework  Kernel
21/10/2012 pinctrl: reserve pins when states are activated  Kernel
22/10/2012 PWM: Add SPEAr PWM chip driver support  Kernel
22/10/2012 [patch] Rename CAP_EPOLLWAKEUP to CAL_BLOCK_SUSPEND  Kernel
23/10/2012 SMP support for Armada XP  Kernel
24/10/2012 sched: SCHED_DEADLINE v6  Kernel
25/10/2012 Support volatile range for anon vma  Kernel
25/10/2012 Fedora and LVM; Yocto, Linaro, sposkpat, … Kernel
28/10/2012 [RFC PATCH 00/13] sched: Integrating Per-entity-load-tracking with the core scheduler  Kernel
29/10/2012 2011 Linux and free software timeline Kernel
31/10/2012 Thermal: Add ST-Ericsson DB8500 thermal driver.  Distributions
31/10/2012 PM / devfreq: allow governors to be modules and switch dynamically  Development
31/10/2012 Haley: We’re doing an ARM64 OpenJDK port! Kernel
31/10/2012 v2 Add callback-free CPUs  Distributions
01/11/2012 Re: [PATCH 0/3] Volatile Ranges (v7) & Lots of words  Front
01/11/2012 Linaro ARMv8 Downloads Now Available Kernel
01/11/2012 Introduce CAIF Virtio and reversed Vrings  Announcements
01/11/2012 Linaro Enterprise Group announced, Apple v Motorola, RMS on software patents, … Announcements
02/11/2012 Linaro Enterprise Group announced Kernel
02/11/2012 Re: [RFC v2] Support volatile range for anon vma  Kernel
06/11/2012 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 290  Distributions
07/11/2012 power aware scheduling  Kernel
07/11/2012 [RFC PATCH 00/10][Hierarchy] mm: Linux VM Infrastructure to support Memory Power Management  Kernel
11/11/2012 Upstream ST-Ericsson thermal driver  Kernel
11/11/2012 vmpressure_fd: Linux VM pressure notifications  Kernel
11/11/2012 thermal: Add support for interrupt based notification to thermal layer  Kernel
14/11/2012 Re: [RFC v3 0/3] vmpressure_fd: Linux VM pressure notifications  Kernel
14/11/2012 Re: [PATCH] ARM: add get_user() support for 8 byte types  Kernel
15/11/2012 Boottime: measure bootloader and kernel bootup time  Kernel
18/11/2012 ARM: multi-cluster aware boot protocol  Kernel
24/11/2012 enable support for AMBA drivers under x86  Kernel
27/11/2012 cpufreq: handle SW coordinated CPUs  Kernel
27/11/2012 Common Display Framework  Kernel
28/11/2012 Add mempressure cgroup  Kernel
04/12/2012 CPU hotplug: stop_machine()-free CPU hotplug  Kernel
04/12/2012 Android: Add support for a 32bit Android file system in a 64bit kernel  Kernel
05/12/2012 Introduce host-side virtio queue and CAIF Virtio.  Kernel
05/12/2012 Buildroot 2012.11 available  Development
06/12/2012 gpiolib: introduce descriptor-based GPIO interface  Kernel
10/12/2012 sched: simplified fork, enable load average into LB and power awareness scheduling  Kernel
12/12/2012 sched: packing small tasks  Kernel
17/12/2012 remoteproc: Support bi-directional vdev config space  Kernel
17/12/2012 drm/lcdc: add TI LCD Controller DRM driver  Kernel
18/12/2012 Support volatile for anonymous range  Kernel
18/12/2012 Add 32 bit VDSO time function support  Kernel
19/12/2012 KVM on arm64  Kernel
21/12/2012 ARM: Initial support for Tegra 114 SoC.  Kernel
26/12/2012 GNU C library 2.17 released Development
01/01/2013 Timeout Based User-space Low Memory Killer Daemon  Kernel
01/01/2013 Re: [RFC] Add mempressure cgroup  Kernel
01/01/2013 mempressure_test.c Kernel
04/01/2013 Mempressure cgroup  Kernel
06/01/2013 RCU idle/no-CB changes for 3.9  Kernel
07/01/2013 Thermal Framework Enhancements  Kernel
07/01/2013 spi/pxa2xx: add Intel Lynxpoint SPI controller support  Kernel
08/01/2013 gpio: introduce descriptor-based interface  Kernel
09/01/2013 TI LCDC DRM driver  Kernel
14/01/2013 big.LITTLE low-level CPU and cluster power management  Kernel
15/01/2013 cross-device reservation for dma-buf support  Kernel
22/01/2013 input: RMI4 Synaptics RMI4 Touchscreen Driver  Kernel
23/01/2013 clk: Add axi-clkgen driver  Kernel
24/01/2013 sched: simplified fork, release load avg and power awareness scheduling  Kernel
24/01/2013 ARM: Initial support for Tegra114 SoC  Kernel
26/01/2013 sched: use runnable load avg in cfs balance instead of instant load  Kernel
28/01/2013 gpiolib-acpi: Add ACPI5 event model support to gpio.  Kernel
28/01/2013 big.LITTLE MP status Jan 25, 2013  Kernel
28/01/2013 low-level CPU and cluster power management  Kernel
02/02/2013 Systemd lightweight containers; Fedora ARM, Linaro, … Distributions
04/02/2013 Linaro 13.01 released Kernel
04/02/2013 Tegra114 clockframework  Kernel
05/02/2013 CPUFreq: Implement per policy instances of governors  Kernel
06/02/2013 introduce static_vm for ARM-specific static mapped area  Distributions
06/02/2013 multi-cluster power management  Kernel
06/02/2013 Add ST-Ericsson AB8500 HWMON driver  Kernel
10/02/2013 Introduce CAIF Virtio driver  Kernel
11/02/2013 sched: SCHED_DEADLINE v7  Kernel
12/02/2013 drivers: mailbox: framework creation  Kernel
13/02/2013 [ 00/61] 3.7.8-stable review  Kernel
15/02/2013 Add pin control driver for Wondermedia SoCS  Kernel
20/02/2013 vlocks.txt Kernel
20/02/2013 cluster-pm-race-avoidance.txt Kernel
20/02/2013 [GIT PULL] big LITTLE MP – v15  Kernel
20/02/2013 Linaro Networking Group Announcements
22/02/2013 [RFC patch 0/8] timekeeping: Implement shadow timekeeper to shorten in kernel reader side blocking  Kernel
26/02/2013 Add support for LZ4-compressed kernel  Kernel
27/02/2013 time: dynamic irq affinity  Kernel
27/02/2013 The first arm64 Debian image is available Distributions
27/02/2013 [ 000/150] 3.8.1-stable review  Kernel
27/02/2013 [ 00/86] 3.4.34-stable review  Kernel
28/02/2013 common clk framework reentrancy & dvfs, take 3  Kernel
04/03/2013 staging: Android sync driver  Kernel
05/03/2013 LC-Asia: A big LITTLE MP update Kernel
06/03/2013 Morten Rasmussen and Vincent Guittot at Linaro Connect Asia 2013 Linaro Connect
06/03/2013 Debian Project News – March 4th, 2013  Distributions
06/03/2013 cpufreq: ARM big LITTLE: Add generic cpufreq driver and its DT glue  Kernel
06/03/2013 Contiguous Memory Allocator and get_user_pages()  Kernel
06/03/2013 RFC: exynos multiplatform support  Kernel
06/03/2013 2013 Android Microconference at Linux Plumbers: Call for Participation Announcements
06/03/2013 Buildroot 2013.02 released  Development
09/03/2013 Canonical reveals plans to launch Mir display server (The H) Distributions
10/03/2013 Linaro Connect; Facebook contemplates ARM servers; The life and times of the AGPL. Kernel
11/03/2013 3.9-rc1-nohz1  Kernel
12/03/2013 LC-Asia: An Android upstreaming update Linaro Connect
12/03/2013 John Stultz at Linaro Connect Asia Kernel
12/03/2013 Support vrange for anonymous page  Linaro Connect
12/03/2013 LC-Asia: Facebook contemplates ARM servers Front
12/03/2013 Jason Taylor at Linaro Connect Asia Front
13/03/2013 Some impressions from Linaro Connect Linaro Connect
13/03/2013 Re: [U-Boot] [RFC] Kbuild support for ARM FIT images  Front
13/03/2013 Linaro CEO George Grey Kernel
14/03/2013 [ 000/100] 3.8.3-stable review  Front
15/03/2013 gpio: Add device driver for GRGPIO cores and support custom accessors with gpio-generic  Kernel
18/03/2013 nohz1: Documentation  Kernel
18/03/2013 clk: add si5351 i2c common clock driver  Kernel
18/03/2013 cpuidle : ARM driver to rule them all  Kernel
18/03/2013 rcu: Remove restrictions on no-CBs CPUs  Kernel
20/03/2013 SIRF multiplatform support  Kernel
20/03/2013 Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 308  Distributions
21/03/2013 CCG on its way out? Kernel
21/03/2013 nohz: Full dynticks base interface  Kernel
25/03/2013 mm: Per process reclaim  Kernel
25/03/2013 sched: Task placement on mixed cpu_power systems  Kernel
26/03/2013 thermal: exynos: Add thermal driver for exynos5440  Kernel
27/03/2013 Move ntp state to be protected by timekeeping lock  Kernel
27/03/2013 Implement per policy instance of governor  Kernel
27/03/2013 memcg: Add memory.pressure_level events  Kernel
01/04/2013 sched: power aware scheduling  Kernel
02/04/2013 McIntyre: Scanning for assembly code in Free Software packages  Development
03/04/2013 sched: use runnable avg in load balance  Kernel
03/04/2013 [RFC 1/4] mm: Per process reclaim  Kernel
03/04/2013 [ 000/124] 3.8.6-stable review  Kernel
03/04/2013 pinctrl/pinconfig: add debug interface  Kernel
03/04/2013 Re: [RFC 1/4] mm: Per process reclaim  Kernel
04/04/2013 Support vranges on files  Kernel
04/04/2013 clk: add LP8788 clock driver  Kernel
08/04/2013 mfd: Kontron PLD mfd driver  Kernel
09/04/2013 Re: [GIT PULL] Multi Cluster Power Management infrastructure  Kernel
10/04/2013 mm: Memory Power Management  Kernel
10/04/2013 pinmux: Add TB10x pinmux driver  Kernel
11/04/2013 ARM: exynos multiplatform support  Kernel
11/04/2013 arm: initial TI-Nspire support Kernel
12/04/2013 OS-jitter documentation  Kernel
17/04/2013 [PATCH 0/3] ARM: add Freescale Vybrid family platform and development board support  Kernel
19/04/2013 nohz: Posix cpu timers handling on full dynticks  Kernel
22/04/2013 nohz: Adaptively stop the tick, finally  Kernel
23/04/2013 [Lsf] LSF-MM Volatile Ranges Discussion Plans  Kernel
23/04/2013 [Lsf] Summary of LSF-MM Volatile Ranges Discussion  Kernel
24/04/2013 Queue work on power efficient wq  Kernel
25/04/2013 Per process reclaim  Kernel
26/04/2013 clocksource/events: Overhaul (un)registration  Kernel
28/04/2013 sched: use runnable load based balance  Kernel
29/04/2013 Wait/wound mutex implementation, v3  Kernel
29/04/2013 Generic PHY Framework  Kernel
30/04/2013 HugeTLB and THP support for ARM64.  Kernel
01/05/2013 drivers: power: Add watchdog timer to catch drivers which lockup during suspend.  Kernel
01/05/2013 Re: rcu: Provide compile-time control for no-CBs CPUs  Kernel
06/05/2013 LAB: Support for Legacy Application Booster governor  Kernel
06/05/2013 genirq: Support for irq domains in generic irq chip  Kernel
06/05/2013 use runnable load avg in load balance  Kernel
06/05/2013 mailbox: Common API  Kernel
06/05/2013 extcon: Palmas Extcon Driver  Kernel
06/05/2013 The Linaro IKS code now publicly available  Kernel
08/05/2013 ARM:global_timer: Add ARM global timer support.  Kernel
11/05/2013 : use runnable load avg in balance  Kernel
12/05/2013 arm: Initial TI-Nspire support  Kernel
14/05/2013 [PATCH v6 16/31] drivers: convert shrinkers to new count/scan API  Kernel
14/05/2013 Memory mapped architected timers  Kernel
16/05/2013 timerfd support for wakeup alarm timers  Kernel
20/05/2013 ARM: imx6q{dl}: add the WEIM driver  Kernel
20/05/2013 Add initial Freescale Vybrid MVF600 support  Kernel
29/05/2013 add mutex wait/wound/style style locks  Kernel
30/05/2013 ARM: mm: HugeTLB + THP support.  Kernel
30/05/2013 MCPM support for big.LITTLE Virtual Express RTSM  Kernel
30/05/2013 gpio: add Intel BayTrail gpio driver  Kernel
30/05/2013 sched: using runnable load avg in balance  Kernel
30/05/2013 Comparison of power-efficient scheduling patch sets  Kernel
03/06/2013 Add TI-Nspire clock drivers  Kernel
03/06/2013 drivers: Add Pinctrl PM support  Kernel
03/06/2013 arm: add basic support for Rockchip Cortex-A9 SoCs  Kernel
04/06/2013 Add SMP support for MSM8660 and MSM8960  Kernel
04/06/2013 power-efficient scheduling design  Kernel
04/06/2013 Re: power-efficient scheduling design  Kernel
05/06/2013 drivers: pinctrl sleep and idle states in the core  Kernel
05/06/2013 Buildroot 2013.05 available  Development
06/06/2013 cpufreq:boost: CPU Boost mode support  Kernel
06/06/2013 drivers: mfd: Versatile Express SPC support  Kernel
07/06/2013 sched: use runnable load avg in balance  Kernel
10/06/2013 ARM: at91: move to common clk framework  Kernel
10/06/2013 ethernet/arc/arc_emac – Add new driver  Kernel
10/06/2013 Refactor irqdomain  Kernel
10/06/2013 ARM:STixxxx: Add STixxxx platform and board support  Kernel
11/06/2013 pinctrl: common handling of generic pinconfig props in dt  Kernel
12/06/2013 perf, persistent: Introduce get_persistent_event()  Kernel
12/06/2013 [ 00/79] 3.9.6-stable review  Kernel
12/06/2013 Volatile Ranges (v8?)  Kernel
12/06/2013 PCIe support for Samsung Exynos5440 SoC  Kernel
17/06/2013 genirq: add irq_get_trigger_type() to get IRQ flags  Kernel
17/06/2013 irqdomain: Refactor  Kernel
17/06/2013 v3 Driver for Allwinner sunxi Security ID  Kernel
18/06/2013 Re: [Arm-netbook] getting allwinner SoC support upstream (was Re: Uploading linux (3.9.4-1))  Kernel
18/06/2013 ARM: Exynos: Add Exynos5420 SoC support  Kernel
19/06/2013 clk: dt: bindings for mux, divider & gate clocks  Kernel
19/06/2013 CPUFreq: Fix {PRE|POST}CHANGE notification sequence  Kernel
19/06/2013 xen: maintain an accurate persistent clock in more cases  Kernel
21/06/2013 Android Binder IPC Fixes  Kernel
21/06/2013 sched: Disabled LB_BIAS with full dynticks  Kernel
24/06/2013 CPU hotplug: stop_machine()-free CPU hotplug, part 1  Kernel
24/06/2013 ARM: mm: Extend the runtime patch stub for PAE systems  Kernel
26/06/2013 arm: add early_ioremap() support  Kernel
26/06/2013 arm: [U]EFI runtime services support  Kernel
26/06/2013 [ 00/95] 3.9.8-stable review  Kernel
26/06/2013 kernel mode NEON support  Kernel
01/07/2013 Add FAT_IOCTL_GET_VOLUME_ID  Kernel
02/07/2013 drivers: spi: Add qspi flash controller  Kernel
03/07/2013 Re: [tracing/rcu] WARNING: at kernel/lockdep.c:3537 check_flags()  Kernel
05/07/2013 Added Capella CM3218 Ambient Light Sensor IIO Driver.  Kernel
05/07/2013 ARM: rockchip: add smp functionality  Kernel
08/07/2013 mm: add sys_madvise2 and MADV_NAME to name vmas  Kernel
10/07/2013 sched: Power scheduler design proposal  Kernel
10/07/2013 regulator: pfuze100: add pfuze100 regulator driver  Kernel
10/07/2013 gpio: Add MOXA ART GPIO driver  Kernel
15/07/2013 Videos from Linaro Connect, FSF joins EFF against NSA, … Kernel
17/07/2013 arm64: initial CPU_HOTPLUG support  Distributions
17/07/2013 Re: F20 System Wide Change: ARM as primary Architecture  Announcements
18/07/2013 Seventy videos from Linaro Connect Europe 2013 ( Announcements
18/07/2013 PHY framework  Kernel
22/07/2013 tty: serial: Add initial MSM UART High Speed Lite driver  Kernel
22/07/2013 TWL6030, TWL6032 GPADC driver  Kernel
23/07/2013 The big.LITTLE In-Kernel Switcher (IKS), part 1  Kernel
24/07/2013 ARM: sunxi: Add support for the Allwinner A31 SoC  Kernel
24/07/2013 Add Dialog DA9063 core and regulator drivers  Kernel
24/07/2013 The future of DT binding maintainership  Kernel
26/07/2013 pinctrl: palmas: add pincontrol driver  Kernel
29/07/2013 fence: dma-buf cross-device synchronization (v12)  Kernel
29/07/2013 [RFC PATCH 0/5] cpuidle/ppc: Timer offload framework to support deep idle states  Kernel
30/07/2013 drm/pl111: Initial drm/kms driver for pl111  Kernel
30/07/2013 ARM: TC2 big.LITTLE CPU idle driver  Kernel
30/07/2013 Per-process power consumption measurement facility  Kernel
30/07/2013 DRA7xx core support  Kernel
30/07/2013 [ANNOUNCE] ARM kernel summit 2013, Oct 22-23  Kernel
31/07/2013 [PATCH v4 0/4] Device Tree support for CMA (Contiguous Memory Allocator)  Kernel
01/08/2013 ASoC: Add PCM1681 codec driver.  Kernel
01/08/2013 Add ti qspi controller  Kernel
02/08/2013 Preview of DMA mask changes  Kernel
02/08/2013 uprobes: Add uprobes support for ARM  Kernel
05/08/2013 pinctrl: add pincontrol driver for palmas device.  Kernel
05/08/2013 Exynos5 IS driver  Kernel
06/08/2013 [V2] gpio: New driver for LSI ZEVIO SoCs  Kernel
07/08/2013 EFI stub for ARM  Kernel
12/08/2013 cpufreq: define generic routines for cpufreq drivers: for 3.13  Kernel
12/08/2013 KVM/ARM Huge pages support  Kernel
12/08/2013 [PATCH v5 0/3] Device Tree support for CMA (Contiguous Memory Allocator)  Kernel
13/08/2013 Introduce buffer synchronization framework  Kernel
13/08/2013 Re: [PATCH] timekeeping: handle epoch roll-over (2038) on 32-bit systems  Kernel
14/08/2013 ARM: S3C24XX: add dmaengine based dma-driver  Kernel
14/08/2013 [ 00/60] 3.10.7-stable review  Kernel
19/08/2013 Add support for the System Power Management Interface (SPMI)  Kernel
19/08/2013 Early device registration  Kernel
20/08/2013 s5k5baf: add camera sensor driver  Kernel
20/08/2013 Add the Quadspi driver for vf610-twr  Kernel
20/08/2013 arm64: initial CPU hotplug support  Kernel
20/08/2013 DWC3 USB support for Qualcomm platform  Kernel
21/08/2013 Enable Hisilicon Hi3620 SoC  Kernel
26/08/2013 gpio: New driver for LSI ZEVIO SoCs  Kernel
26/08/2013 [PATCH V5 0/5] POWER/cpuidle: Generic IBM-POWER cpuidle driver enabled for PSERIES and POWERNV platforms  Kernel
26/08/2013 [PATCH v7 0/4] Device Tree support for CMA (Contiguous Memory Allocator)  Kernel
28/08/2013 arm64: suspend/resume implementation  Kernel
28/08/2013 Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian  Distributions
28/08/2013 [ 00/74] 3.10.10-stable review  Kernel
30/08/2013 Add Freescale FTM PWM driver for Vybrid VF610 TOWER  Kernel
31/08/2013 gpio: add GPIO support for F71882FG and F71889F  Kernel
31/08/2013 Atomic Display Framework  Kernel
04/09/2013 pinctrl: ADI PIN control driver for the GPIO controller on bf54x and bf60x.  Kernel
04/09/2013 New descriptor-based GPIO interface  Kernel
04/09/2013 Introducing libgadget 0.0.1  Kernel
05/09/2013 ARM: support for Trusted Foundations secure monitor  Kernel
08/09/2013 Add Freescale FTM PWM driver.  Kernel
10/09/2013 [RFC] seqcount: Add lockdep functionality to seqcount/seqlock structures  Kernel
10/09/2013 iio: ST clean-ups and new sensor support  Kernel
11/09/2013 Add basic support for ASV  Kernel
11/09/2013 runtime PM support for I2C and SPI client devices  Kernel
11/09/2013 [PATCH V3 0/6] cpuidle/ppc: Enable broadcast support for deep idle states  Kernel
12/09/2013 DRIVERS: IRQCHIP: Add crossbar irqchip driver  Kernel
13/09/2013 memory: add a basic OF-based memory driver  Kernel
16/09/2013 timekeeper latch synchronization  Kernel
16/09/2013 OMAP SSI driver  Kernel
16/09/2013 CPU idle for Armada XP  Kernel
16/09/2013 Aarch64: KGDB: kernel debugging support  Kernel
17/09/2013 nohz/full: drop 64-bit requirement, enable ARM support  Kernel
17/09/2013 Add AMS AS3722 mfd, GPIO, regulator and RTC driver  Kernel
17/09/2013 Embeddable Position Independent Executable  Kernel
18/09/2013 Add I2C support to ST SoCs  Kernel
20/09/2013 clk: si570: Add a driver for SI570 oscillators  Kernel
23/09/2013 mfd: add STw481x driver  Kernel
23/09/2013 power_supply: Introduce Power Supply Charging Framework  Kernel
24/09/2013 second batch of b.L switcher patches  Kernel
25/09/2013 Add AMS AS3722 mfd, pincontrol, regulator and RTC driver.  Kernel
25/09/2013 [ 00/28] 3.0.97-stable review  Kernel
25/09/2013 [ 000/110] 3.10.13-stable review  Kernel
25/09/2013 [ 000/117] 3.11.2-stable review  Kernel
25/09/2013 [ 00/40] 3.4.63-stable review  Kernel
27/09/2013 Lockdep enablement for seqcount/seqlocks  Kernel
30/09/2013 media: st-rc: Add ST remote control driver  Kernel
01/10/2013 AArch64: KGDB support  Kernel
01/10/2013 DRIVERS: IRQCHIP: Add support for crossbar IP  Kernel
01/10/2013 runtime PM support for I2C adapter devices  Kernel
01/10/2013 Exynos5250 SATA Support  Kernel
02/10/2013 drivers: misc: add gpio wakeup driver  Kernel
02/10/2013 FPGA subsystem core  Kernel
03/10/2013 Volatile Ranges v9  Kernel
05/10/2013 ARM: lockless get_user_pages_fast()  Kernel
05/10/2013 Add Broadcom Capri pinctrl driver  Kernel
07/10/2013 USB Device Controller support for BCM281xx  Kernel
07/10/2013 Early flattened DT init consolidation  Kernel
08/10/2013 Lockdep enablement for seqcount/seqlocks (v2)  Kernel
09/10/2013 clk: palmas: add clock driver for palmas  Kernel
09/10/2013 Add AMS AS3722 mfd, pincontrol and RTC driver.  Kernel
09/10/2013 New big-endian patch series against 3.12-rc4  Kernel
12/10/2013 Power-aware scheduling v2  Kernel
14/10/2013 sched: SCHED_DEADLINE v8  Kernel
14/10/2013 Exynos 5410 Dual cluster support  Kernel
14/10/2013 AArch64 BE Support  Kernel
14/10/2013 Re: [RFC][PATCH 0/7] Power-aware scheduling v2  Kernel
15/10/2013 thermal: introduce clock cooling device  Kernel
16/10/2013 Re: [PATCH 12/14] sched: make dl_bw a sub-quota of rt_bw  Kernel
17/10/2013 mm, vmpressure: add high level  Kernel
17/10/2013 ALSA: Add SAI driver and enable SGT15000 codec.  Kernel
17/10/2013 ARM64: Add kernel probes(Kprobes) support  Kernel
18/10/2013 sched: packing tasks  Kernel
21/10/2013 Optimize jump label implementation for ARM64  Kernel
22/10/2013 : AArch64: KGDB support  Kernel
22/10/2013 x86: Support compiling out userspace I/O (iopl and ioperm)  Distributions
23/10/2013 Trusty Tahr open for development Kernel
23/10/2013 cpufreq support for the big.LITTLE switcher  Kernel
28/10/2013 Linaro Connect videos, new books, events. Kernel
29/10/2013 thermal: bcm281xx: Add Temperature Monitor driver  Announcements
30/10/2013 Linaro Connect USA 2013 Begins- Monday Recap Kernel
31/10/2013 arm64: Add ftrace support  Announcements
06/11/2013 Linaro Connect videos, Rockstar sues Google, … Kernel
06/11/2013 [PATCH V2 0/3] thermal: bcm281xx: Add Temperature Monitor driver  Kernel
06/11/2013 arm64: Add audit support  Announcements
07/11/2013 Linaro Connect recap and videos Announcements
07/11/2013 gpio: Renesas RZ GPIO driver  Kernel
07/11/2013 sched: SCHED_DEADLINE v9  Kernel
08/11/2013 dma: Add Freescale eDMA engine driver support  Kernel
08/11/2013 Introducing Device Tree Overlays  Kernel
13/11/2013 [PATCH v8 0/7] POWER/cpuidle: Generic POWERPC-BOOK3S cpuidle driver enabled for PSERIES and POWERNV platforms  Kernel
13/11/2013 Re: XFS leadership and a new co-maintainer candidate  Kernel
13/11/2013 Re: [PATCH] update xfs maintainers  Kernel
16/11/2013 watchdog: bcm281xx: Watchdog Driver  Kernel
16/11/2013 Documentation: gpiolib: document new interface  Kernel
18/11/2013 Add Broadcom Kona PWM Support  Kernel
19/11/2013 Renesas R-Car Gen2 Common Clock Framework support  Kernel
20/11/2013 Timer: Migrate running timers  Kernel
20/11/2013 mfd: max14577: Add max14577 MFD drivers  Kernel
20/11/2013 Re: [PATCH v6 0/5] MCS Lock: MCS lock code cleanup and optimizations  Kernel
21/11/2013 Re: ACPI vs DT at runtime  Kernel
25/11/2013 pinctrl: Qualcomm 8×74 pinctrl driver  Kernel
25/11/2013 ARM: support for the Trusted Foundations secure monitor  Kernel
27/11/2013 [PATCH 3.12 000/116] 3.12.2-stable review  Kernel
27/11/2013 [PATCH 3.10 00/80] 3.10.21-stable review  Kernel
27/11/2013 phy: Add exynos-phy driver  Kernel
29/11/2013 Complaints Kernel
01/12/2013 Add ARM EFI stub  Kernel
01/12/2013 (U)EFI runtime services for arm  Kernel
01/12/2013 mtd: st_spi_fsm: Add new driver  Kernel
02/12/2013 Add support for hym8563 rtcs  Kernel
02/12/2013 pwm: Add Freescale FTM PWM driver support  Kernel
03/12/2013 mfd: TPS65218: Add support for TPS65218 PMIC  Kernel
03/12/2013 Make ACPI core running on ARM64  Kernel
03/12/2013 Re: [PATCH 00/14] sched: SCHED_DEADLINE v8  Kernel
04/12/2013 AHCI: sunxi: Add sunxi AHCI driver  Kernel
05/12/2013 phy: Add new Exynos USB 2.0 PHY driver  Kernel
09/12/2013 ARM: Initial support for Marvell Berlin SoCs  Kernel
09/12/2013 Documentation: start documenting driver design patterns  Kernel
11/12/2013 arm64: topology: Implement basic CPU topology support  Kernel
11/12/2013 [PATCH 3.12 00/62] 3.12.5-stable review  Kernel
11/12/2013 [PATCH 3.10 00/52] 3.10.24-stable review  Kernel
11/12/2013 [PATCH 3.4 00/25] 3.4.74-stable review  Kernel
12/12/2013 regulator: act8865: add PMIC driver  Kernel
13/12/2013 [RFC PATCH] time: Support in tick broadcast framework for archs without an external wakeup source  Kernel
14/12/2013 Android ION for drivers/staging  Kernel
15/12/2013 OMAP SSI driver / N900 modem support  Kernel
18/12/2013 nohz: Use sysidle detection to let the timekeeper sleep  Kernel
18/12/2013 sched: CPU topology try  Kernel
18/12/2013 [PATCH 3.12 000/118] 3.12.6-stable review  Kernel
19/12/2013 [PATCH -tip v6 00/22] kprobes: introduce NOKPROBE_SYMBOL(), cleanup and fixes crash bugs  Kernel
23/12/2013 Add modules for realtek USB card reader  Kernel
24/12/2013 Add GPIO support for the MAX6650/6651 ICs  Kernel
27/12/2013 perf-probe: Dwarf support for uprobes  Kernel
28/12/2013 Energy-aware scheduling use-cases and scheduler issues  Kernel
29/12/2013 arm64 topology support  Kernel
30/12/2013 perf: add AARCH64 arch support  Kernel
02/01/2014 Volatile Ranges v10  Kernel
03/01/2014 Raymond: bzr is dying; Emacs needs to move Development
03/01/2014 Moving off Launchpad Development
03/01/2014 Documentation/cpu-freq: add intel-pstate.txt  Kernel
08/01/2014 perf tools: Add libdw DWARF unwind support  Kernel
08/01/2014 [PATCH 3.12 000/144] 3.12.7-stable review  Kernel
08/01/2014 [PATCH 3.10 000/129] 3.10.26-stable review  Kernel
10/01/2014 mtd: nand: add sunxi NAND Flash Controller support  Kernel
13/01/2014 net: stmmac: Add Allwinner A20 GMAC ethernet controller glue layer  Kernel
13/01/2014 arm: add UEFI runtime services support  Kernel
13/01/2014 dma-buf synchronization patches  Kernel
14/01/2014 Qualcomm Universal Peripheral (QUP) I2C controller  Kernel
15/01/2014 APM X-Gene PCIe controller  Kernel
15/01/2014 ARM: brcmstb: Add Broadcom STB SoC support  Kernel
15/01/2014 [PATCH 3.12 00/77] 3.12.8-stable review  Kernel
15/01/2014 cpuidle/ppc: Enable deep idle states on PowerNV  Kernel
15/01/2014 Add support for MSM’s mmio clock/reset controller  Kernel
15/01/2014 Re: [PATCH v4 2/4] pinctrl: Add pinctrl binding for Broadcom Capri SoCs  Kernel
16/01/2014 Add Allwinner A31 SPI controller support  Kernel
20/01/2014 sched/deadline: Add sched_dl documentation  Kernel
21/01/2014 libusbg 0.1.0 (formerly libgadget)  Kernel
22/01/2014 power_supply: Introduce power supply charging driver  Kernel
22/01/2014 arm64: KGDB Support  Kernel
27/01/2014 [PATCH 0/9] setting the table for integration of cpuidle with the scheduler  Kernel
27/01/2014 arm64: KGDB: Add Basic KGDB support  Kernel
28/01/2014 mfd: max14577: Add support for MAX77836  Kernel
03/02/2014 Add Allwinner A20 GMAC ethernet support  Kernel
03/02/2014 IIO pulse capture support for TI ECAP  Kernel
03/02/2014 RFC: MFD: driver for Atmel Microcontroller on iPaq h3xxx  Kernel
03/02/2014 perf: AARCH64 arch support  Kernel
04/02/2014 tegra30 watchdog support  Kernel
04/02/2014 Introduce clocksource driver for Keystone platform  Kernel
04/02/2014 BCM59056 PMU regulator support  Kernel
05/02/2014 arm/arm64: UEFI stubs + runtime services  Kernel
05/02/2014 arm64: GICv3 support  Kernel
06/02/2014 ARM, SBSA, UEFI, and ACPI Front
06/02/2014 [PATCH v2 0/4] MFD: TPS65218: Drivers for TPS65218 PMIC.  Kernel
07/02/2014 arm64: Add seccomp support  Kernel
09/02/2014 [PATCH v4 0/7] ARM: sunxi: Add driver for SD/MMC hosts found on allwinner sunxi SOCs  Kernel
09/02/2014 VFIO support for platform devices  Kernel
10/02/2014 AS3935 lightning sensor support  Kernel
10/02/2014 mfd: MAX6650/6651 support  Kernel
10/02/2014 Exynos 5410 support  Kernel
10/02/2014 Marvell Armada 375 and 38x clocks drivers  Kernel
10/02/2014 ASoC: pcm512x: Add PCM512x driver  Kernel
10/02/2014 In-kernel PSCI v0.2 emulation for KVM ARM/ARM64  Kernel
10/02/2014 ARM: vDSO gettimeofday using generic timer architecture  Kernel
11/02/2014 mfd/regulator/rtc: sec: Add support for S2MPS14  Kernel
12/02/2014 Add devicetree scanning for randomness  Kernel
12/02/2014 [PATCH 3.13 000/120] 3.13.3-stable review  Kernel
12/02/2014 [PATCH 3.12 000/107] 3.12.11-stable review  Kernel
12/02/2014 [PATCH 3.10 00/79] 3.10.30-stable review  Kernel
12/02/2014 [PATCH 3.4 00/30] 3.4.80-stable review  Kernel
13/02/2014 mfd: Add support for S2MPA01 device  Kernel
16/02/2014 Add Xilinx AXI Video DMA Engine driver  Kernel
16/02/2014 [PATCH v6 0/8] ARM: sunxi: Add driver for SD/MMC hosts found on allwinner sunxi SOCs  Kernel
18/02/2014 Huge pages for short descriptors on ARM  Kernel
19/02/2014 PM: introduce voltage domain abstraction  Kernel
19/02/2014 hibernation support on ARM  Kernel
19/02/2014 Add audio card support for Vybird-TWR board  Kernel
19/02/2014 [PATCH 3.13 00/40] 3.13.4-stable review  Kernel
21/02/2014 Deferrable timers support for hrtimers/timerfd API  Kernel
21/02/2014 USB Host support for OMAP5 uEVM  Kernel
22/02/2014 hrtimers: Add deferrable mode  Kernel
24/02/2014 dma-buf synchronization patches (updated)  Kernel
25/02/2014 [PATCH v2 0/3] Deferrable timers support for timerfd API  Kernel
25/02/2014 Re: [PATCH v2 0/3] Deferrable timers support for timerfd API  Kernel
26/02/2014 arm64: topology: CPU topology support  Kernel
27/02/2014 [PATCH -tip v7 00/26] kprobes: introduce NOKPROBE_SYMBOL, bugfixes and scalbility efforts  Kernel
27/02/2014 [RFC] Add support for PCI in AArch64  Kernel
28/02/2014 clk: st: Add new driver  Kernel
28/02/2014 ARM: bcm21664: Add initial support.  Kernel
28/02/2014 mfd: sec: Add support for S2MPS14  Kernel
28/02/2014 mmc: sdhci-msm: Add support for Qualcomm chipsets  Kernel
28/02/2014 Add STiH407 SoC and reference board support  Kernel
28/02/2014 rtc: s5m: Add support for S2MPS14  Kernel
28/02/2014 Add support for the Allwinner A31 DMA Controller  Kernel
03/03/2014 Introduce keystone reset driver  Kernel
03/03/2014 Generic Device Tree based power domain look-up  Kernel
03/03/2014 ARM VM System Sepcification  Kernel
04/03/2014 cpufreq:LAB: Support for LAB governor.  Kernel
04/03/2014 can: xilinx CAN controller support.  Kernel
05/03/2014 mm: generic early_ioremap support  Kernel
05/03/2014 Add ST Keyscan driver  Kernel
05/03/2014 rework sched_domain topology description  Kernel
05/03/2014 [PATCH 3.13 000/172] 3.13.6-stable review  Kernel
05/03/2014 [PATCH 3.10 00/97] 3.10.33-stable review  Kernel
05/03/2014 Buildroot 2014.02 released  Development
10/03/2014 arm64: SHA1 using ARM v8 Crypto Extensions  Kernel
12/03/2014 xtensa xtfpga SPI controller driver  Kernel
12/03/2014 phy: Introduce support for MiPHY365x  Kernel
14/03/2014 UEFI support for arm(64)  Kernel
14/03/2014 mm: support madvise(MADV_FREE)  Kernel
17/03/2014 Add support for PCI in AArch64  Kernel
17/03/2014 Volatile Ranges (v11)  Kernel
17/03/2014 SPI: Add driver for Cadence SPI controller  Kernel
18/03/2014 add hisilicon hip04 ethernet driver  Kernel
18/03/2014 Common Mailbox Framework  Kernel
18/03/2014 Introducing (yet again) Device Tree Overlays  Kernel
19/03/2014 File Sealing & memfd_create()  Kernel
20/03/2014 support madvise(MADV_FREE)  Kernel
21/03/2014 Volatile Ranges (v12) & LSF-MM discussion fodder  Kernel
25/03/2014 sched: proposal for idlestat scheduler benchmarking tool  Kernel
26/03/2014 Add Keystone pcie driver  Kernel
26/03/2014 mtd: nand: Add new driver supporting ST’s BCH h/w  Kernel
26/03/2014 can: xilinx CAN controller support  Kernel
28/03/2014 GPIO: Add driver for Zynq GPIO controller  Kernel
28/03/2014 watchdog: Add Cadence WDT driver  Kernel
28/03/2014 rt-tests 0.88 released  Kernel
01/04/2014 powernv,cpufreq: Dynamic Frequency Scaling support  Kernel
02/04/2014 ARM: SMP: common “pen” secondary release method  Kernel
04/04/2014 Add Qualcomm crypto driver  Kernel
04/04/2014 ARM: SMP: support Broadcom mobile SoCs  Kernel
04/04/2014 MFD: driver for Atmel Microcontroller on iPaq h3xxx  Kernel
04/04/2014 ARM VM System Specification  Kernel
04/04/2014 support Hisilicon HiP04  Kernel
07/04/2014 arm64: UEFI support  Kernel
07/04/2014 Support qcom GDSC hardware  Kernel
08/04/2014 perf, persistent: Add persistent events  Kernel
09/04/2014 phy: Add exynos-simple-phy driver  Kernel
09/04/2014 Re: [PATCH 0/6] File Sealing & memfd_create()  Kernel
10/04/2014 arm: Add basic support for Mediatek Cortex-A7 SoCs  Kernel
11/04/2014 ARM: sunxi: add multi pin controller support  Kernel
11/04/2014 ARM: STi: Add Clock driver support STiH415 & STiH416  Kernel
11/04/2014 sched,idle: need resched polling rework  Kernel
12/04/2014 Volatile Ranges (v13)  Kernel
15/04/2014 Add platform support for LSI AXM55xx  Kernel
16/04/2014 Add Freescale FlexTimer Module timer  Kernel
16/04/2014 Add support for Samsung GH7 PCIe controller  Kernel
17/04/2014 [PATCH -tip v9 00/26] kprobes: introduce NOKPROBE_SYMBOL, bugfixes and scalbility efforts  Kernel
18/04/2014 Support new Exynos3250 SoC based on Cortex-A7 dual core  Kernel
18/04/2014 Support 4 levels of translation tables for ARM64  Kernel
18/04/2014 USB3 support for Armada 38x  Kernel
21/04/2014 clocksource: Add Freescale FlexTimer Module (FTM) timer support  Kernel
22/04/2014 enable Hisilicon HiP04 SoC  Kernel
22/04/2014 Add Qualcomm SD Card Controller support.  Kernel
23/04/2014 net: Add Keystone NetCP ethernet driver support  Kernel
24/04/2014 soc: ti: Add Keystone Navigator drivers  Kernel
24/04/2014 sched: Idle balance patches  Kernel
25/04/2014 workqueue: Introduce low-level unbound wq sysfs cpumask  Kernel
25/04/2014 [RFC] A new CPU load metric for power-efficient scheduler: CPU ConCurrency  Kernel
25/04/2014 pwm: add BCM2835 PWM driver  Kernel
27/04/2014 kdb: Allow selective reduction in capabilities (was “kiosk mode”)  Kernel
27/04/2014 i2c: add driver for Rockchip RK3xxx SoC I2C adapter  Kernel
27/04/2014 context tracker support for arm64  Kernel
28/04/2014 TPS65917: Drivers for TPS65917 PMIC  Kernel
29/04/2014 enable HiP04 SoC  Kernel
29/04/2014 rwsem: Support optimistic spinning  Kernel
30/04/2014 Volatile Ranges (v14 – madvise reborn edition!)  Kernel
30/04/2014 kdb: Infrastructure to display sequence files  Kernel
05/05/2014 A new CPU load metric for power-efficient scheduler: CPU ConCurrency  Kernel
06/05/2014 USB support for Armada 38x and Armada 375  Kernel
07/05/2014 clk: Add clock driver for DRA7 ATL (Audio Tracking Logic)  Kernel
07/05/2014 get_user_pages_fast for ARM and ARM64  Kernel
07/05/2014 workqueue: Introduce low-level unbound wq sysfs cpumask v2  Kernel
11/05/2014 Supporting Allwinner SoCs Kernel
11/05/2014 [PATCH -tip v10 0/7] kprobes: NOKPROBE_SYMBOL for modules, and scalability efforts  Kernel
11/05/2014 net:Add basic DWC Ethernet QoS Driver  Kernel
11/05/2014 vmstat: On demand vmstat workers V4  Kernel
11/05/2014 mfd: add basic sun6i A31 PRCM support  Kernel
12/05/2014 Add Allwinner A31 USB support  Kernel
13/05/2014 nohz: Move nohz kick out of scheduler IPI, v3  Kernel
14/05/2014 Add Flexgen Clock support  Kernel
14/05/2014 kgdb: NMI/FIQ support for ARM  Kernel
15/05/2014 Add Qualcomm SD Card Controller support  Kernel
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