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Wednesday at Linaro Connect Asia 2014 proved to be a very exciting day of keynotes, sessions and the Linaro “Bond Themed” gala dinner.  The day started off with a keynote address by Xinwei Hu, of Huawei on “Profiling server workload for ARM64”.   This got the day off with a good overview of enterprise workloads on Linux on ARM64.  Following that keynote there was a second one by Cole Crawford, Executive Director of the Open Compute Project Foundation, titled “Future is Wide Open”.


Wednesday March 5 Keynote- Xinwei Hu Video  (YouTube) Video (Linaro Server)
Wednesday March 5 Keynote – Cole Crawford Video (YouTube)* begins at 24:42 Video (Linaro Server)* begins at 24:42

Wednesday was another full day filled with sessions from the working groups, engineering teams and segment groups.  Topic areas include the ARMv8 kernel, Energy-efficient Scheduler, big.LITTLE GTS, Android, ARM Trusted Firmware, 64-bit GNU and LLVM toolchains, UEFI secure boot, ACPI, OpenDataPlane (ODP), VM Standards, LSK and LAVA/CI Loops.  Below are the links to the session presentations and videos that took place on Wednesday.

Wednesday  March 5, 2014
LCA14-301: AArch64: Media, libs and GUI plans & status Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-302: LSK Overview and Status update Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-303: Virtualization update (KVM, Xen, QEMU 64-bit)  Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-107: ACPI upstreaming Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-304: Building Android with CLANG for ARM v7 and v8 platforms Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-306: CPUidle & CPUfreq integration with scheduler Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-409: LHG “Meet and Greet” Download slides No Video Available No Video Available
LCA14-305: Introduction to LHG Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-308: ARMv8 Status & Directions Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)
LCA14-309: FSF GCC 4.10 Download slides Video (You Tube) Video (Linaro Server)

Linaro’s “Bond Themed” gala was a great night of team building and networking.  It gave all the attendees a chance to show their creative side and just have some fun.  This gave everyone an opportunity to relax and enjoy some good company and amazing food.

Below are some scenes from the this week’s evening social activities:

 12941187924_7dc616613c       12941194354_bc7157b93d

12940899483_8f0455ebfb        12940769495_fdacae9f40

As always if you are unable to attend you can participate remotely and by watching sessions via the Google +Linaro On Air  or YouTube accounts.  There will be links to the live stream in each session descriptions.   For more information on Remote Participation please visit the Linaro Connect website.

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